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April 22, 2010 brought significant changes to Impart Ministries.  Darryl Rodman, president and leader, suffered a major heart attack and subsequent stroke in Providence, RI.  Darryl was the main force behind this website and unfortunately due to my role as advocate and resultant caregiver position we have not updated this website since his incident.  I know most of you who know us are well aware of the past three years.  Those wandering by do not.  Our God, who is rich is grace, mercy and wisdom took Darryl home October 5, 2012.  We had a wonderful home going service "party" for him. It is comforting to know that he is free once again to worship our God with liberty.  

God has confirmed that Impart Ministries still has a role to play in the world today.  Our vision has not changed.  We continue with our Board of Directors: Pastors David and Linda Jenkins from Living Faith Christian Center, Oak Harbor, Washington; Pastors Andrew and Rosanna Phillips from Rock View Church, Kent, Washington and Elizabeth Haslet, Oak Harbor, Washington.  We are supported with much wisdom and encouragement from our Board of Advisors as well.  Pastors Michael and Reshaun Hurley from Life Church, Oak Harbor, Washington,  Pastors Bruce and Kathy Norquist from The Evergreen Church, Burien, Washington and Pastors Steve and Kim Schmelzer from Joy Christian Fellowship, Medford, Oregon.  Darryl's motto has been stirring my heart: The best is yet to come.  I believe by faith this is true for Impart Ministries.

Thank you for your interest and prayer support for us during this time of transistion. .

We believe that everyone has a destiny to fulfill in Christ Jesus. This site is dedicated to promoting you to fulfill your destiny. We trust that you will be encouraged to live your life abundantly and powerfully by the grace of God and do all that He has called you do to.

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May you be all you can be by being everything Jesus died for and lives for!

Sincerely yours in Christ Jesus our Lord,

Darryl and Martha Rodman

Light Road vs Dark Road

Last night during
our Life Group meeting, I felt the Lord leading to ask the question:  Can
you remember a time when you were faced with a situation that forced a choice?  Will I become bitter over this situation or
will I become better?

Soul Health


Two Days of My Life

The following paragraphs were written early
Tuesday morning.  I had no idea what I would experience!

God's Classes

There are many "classes" that are offered in the
school of life.  As a believer, I choose
to trust that every part of my life can yield good fruit if I follow the
teacher!  Learning to make choices:
school, career, friends are all part of life lessons.  I think God uses our life experiences to
teach us His ways.   In the book of
Deuteronomy, the Israelites were instructed to teach their children His

Have you ever been Grout?

summer our church put on an awesome Kids Kamp. 
I volunteered to take part.  My
official job was to be in charge of the kitchen and to provide snacks and help
with the lunch process. Praying for this outreach,   I thought about the
years I had written, led and taught in many Vacation Bible Schools.  I remember how exhausting it was. How could

Gathering Stones

As we read through the book of 1 Samuel we are reminded that
life comes with both victories and defeats. 
One of the stubborn enemies the Israelites faced was a nation called
Philistines.   In chapter four, we
discover they attacked and killed 4,000 Israelites.  They were defeated.

What is wellness?

went to my "wellness" checkup last week.  I told my new doctor
that I wasn't quite sure what this all entailed, and he said he didn't always
know either!  

How's Your Eyes Part 2

Last week I asked a question “how’s your eyes?"  I've
still been pondering those same thoughts this week.  How many decisions,
actions and attitudes are affected by our point of view?  How do we even
know if we are looking clearly or not?  As a new mom teaching my children
some of the basics, my tired brain began to wonder how it would affect a child
if you taught them blue was green and red was purple?  Only for them to

How are your eyes?

Last week I was
talking to the Lord about someone and asking Him to help them in an area.
The Holy Spirit whispered "they were born with faulty vision”.    In other words their family of origin
had raised them to see the world in a skewed manner.  It wasn't their
fault.  I believe when God reveals a
root, He has the solution!   I began
to pray that the Lord would correct their vision.  I was made aware that

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