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Faith and the Small Things

Faith and The Battle

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Last week I shared about walking through a season of what I called

Faith and Memorials

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Faith and God's Yes' and NO's

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(I did not post a blog last week because I was on a cruise to Alaska…more about that in an upcoming blog!)



Faith and Loneliness

Walking the widow road at times I admit is often lonely and filled with potholes of opportunities to feel very lonely.  I do know that widows and widowers are not the only lonely people in the world.  In fact it is a true fact that no matter your state in life we all can experience loneliness.  

Faith and Mess-ups

This past week has
been difficult in many ways.  Due to stress and my own emotional lack of
control I over-reacted during a meeting and admittedly my frustration led to me
letting my feelings get the better of me.  I communicated my feelings to the leaders with
some distinct facial and body language exhibited during a leadership meeting.
I have since offered my apologies the best I can for any communicated

Faith in and for the New!

Faith Needs Celebrations

Faith and the Why Question

do we grapple with the questions that arise in our life?  The difficult
circumstances of life often provoke some of the most difficult questions that
can disrupt, disturb or disconnect our relationship with God or amazingly they
can cause us to draw closer to Him.  

Checked your joy level recently?

Last week I talked
about faith through surrender--not always an easy task.  As we surrender,
by faith, to His will we can do it grudgingly or joyfully.  Our choice is
to dutifully go about our tasks because we know it’s the ''right thing to
do", or serving with joy?  I would love to say I always serve with
joy, but alas it is not true.  We are often surrounded by "joy

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