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What is wellness?

went to my "wellness" checkup last week.  I told my new doctor
that I wasn't quite sure what this all entailed, and he said he didn't always
know either!  

How's Your Eyes Part 2

Last week I asked a question “how’s your eyes?"  I've
still been pondering those same thoughts this week.  How many decisions,
actions and attitudes are affected by our point of view?  How do we even
know if we are looking clearly or not?  As a new mom teaching my children
some of the basics, my tired brain began to wonder how it would affect a child
if you taught them blue was green and red was purple?  Only for them to

How are your eyes?

Last week I was
talking to the Lord about someone and asking Him to help them in an area.
The Holy Spirit whispered "they were born with faulty vision”.    In other words their family of origin
had raised them to see the world in a skewed manner.  It wasn't their
fault.  I believe when God reveals a
root, He has the solution!   I began
to pray that the Lord would correct their vision.  I was made aware that

Don't Keep Secrets!

The month of August
has been beautiful here on Whidbey Island.  Thanks to my daughter
Elizabeth I have actually made it to the beach a few times.  A few weeks
ago one of her friends organized a trip to a new beach.  It was one I had
never heard of in all my growing up years here on the island.  It is
called Double Bluff, and is about a forty minute drive from our home on the
north end of the island.  

Ode to Andrew and Rosanna Phillips on their 20th Anniversary

Over 25 years ago our entire family was invited to dinner at a young couple in our church.  They had two young daughters and we had become friends.  Our children were much older than their daughters, but they wanted our whole family to go.  The behind the scenes plot was that the wife's (Laura)  brother was coming for a Christmas visit..  He was a senior in high school, Rosanna a junior. She wanted him to meet our daughter Rosanna!  Shyly they got to know each other.

Running the Race

Any of you been watching the Olympics?  I did some research
and discovered there were about 11,400 athletes competing from 205 nations.
Each of these individuals came with their own back story.  We
haven't heard them all, but I can only imagine that a common thread for each of
them was a decision to set a goal for them to become an Olympian.  Some
made the decision as a child, others as teen agers but making that choice to go

Don't "self-clip"!

         Last weekend I had the privilege of
celebrating my friend (and my daughter in law Becca's aunt) Eva Bunika's
seventy fifth birthday.  The planned a wonderful surprise celebration for
her.  She and her family came to this country from Romania to escape the
Communist persecution of Christians.  As part of the celebration Becca
asked me to pray about sharing any special words or prayer for her.  

New Adventures, or old ways?

Yesterday my sisters and I had the opportunity to step back in
time and be involved in a KING TV news segment about our father.  In the
early 60's, as part of the Interstate Freeway expansion, many houses in the
Seattle area were takeover by imminent domain to make room for what is now I 5.
My father came up with the idea of buying those homes and barging them to
our island.  He bought them from the city for $1 to $350.  He moved

The Church Needs Me (and You)

The Church Needs Me (and You)

I needed Church!


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