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What to wear 2

Last week I received an email response from a reader.    A writer always likes to know that people are reading their writings and
an even greater bonus is if it causes the reader to ponder their life and make
changes.  I received a response from someone last week that got me to
think!  She thanked me for the article because she realized that she had
unwittingly fallen into wearing some old clothes (old thoughts and responses

What to wear? What to wear!

Summer is coming slowly to Whidbey Island.  I've heard
about the extreme heat in the other parts of our country and even Seattle has
had its share of 80 degree temperatures.  Not so much where I live.
We live in what is known as a temperate zone, with winds cooling our
island almost every evening.  This loves- warm- weather person finds it
hard to shed my winter clothes.  I cautiously venture out in sandals and

The Jumbles of Life through Facebook

The jumbles of life are many.  Since the creation of
Facebook, we sometimes get to experience so much of life with just one newsfeed
check.  This morning my friend Denise posted pictures of gifts for
Jamaican children they are gathering for an upcoming mission’s trip.  I
got a text from a friend who is enjoying the wonderful beaches of Long Island
and my other friend Jim shared a video clip of his pastor’s son's memorial

Three Mary's

Her name was Mary, no her
name was Mary, wait a minute—no her name was Mary.  There were at least three major women
referred to in the gospels as Mary!  I
actually found six in total!  We might
get a little confused with them all, but the amazing thing is our God didn’t
and doesn’t.  They may have shared the
same name, but their calling and gifting was individualized for each of
them.  The same is true for each of us.

The Blessing of Obedience

You never know what a day may bring...

You never know what a day may bring..

I see you...

This past week end, the ladies of Life Church gathered for a
retreat.  It was an amazing time of
grace, growth, and encouraging faith.  Sprinkled
throughout our time together was the phrase, “I see you”.

Weaknesses: We all have them!

God sympathizes with our weakness, but He doesn't excuse it.
Rather He gives us help through the strength of His grace and mercy so we
can be strong in being who He created us to be.  Weakness therefore cannot
be our disclaimer in failing to be who He wants us to be.  Darryl Rodman

To all the Pioneers

I received an amazing gift this morning.
It was a gift from the Lord through  my friend Cathy Oakley who lives in England.
She sent a simple email.  This email said simply: was listening to

She said yes.

Mother's Day is fast approaching.
My mother joined Jesus in 1990--26 years ago.  I miss her even
though she and I had a complicated relationship.  Last night I was talking
about her with my housemate, Emily.  It made me realize, once again, God's
hand in the events of her and my father's life that led to my life.  Early
on in their marriage, my parents were pregnant with twins!

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