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How's your Hupomone level?

 I admit my soul has been struggling a bit lately. It seems to be a such a season for many.   I want to share some great help I found in the scriptures.   Hebrews 10:32 " Think back on those early days
when you first learned about Christ.* Remember how you remained faithful even
though it meant terrible suffering. 33 Sometimes you were exposed to public

Letter of the Day M!

Some while ago I read about somebody who randomly picked a letter from the alphabet and just started thinking about how they could praise or worship God or discover some of His attributes with that letter.  So tonight I chose the letter M!

I began to say you are:

Doing a New Thing...teaching Astronomy

Distress to De-Stress

6 But in my
distress I cried out to the Lord;

yes, I prayed to my God for help.

Dealing with Discouragement

happens.  It can be as subtle as a grey
sky robbing us from walking in the full joy of the Lord, to paralyzing fear
that we will never accomplish our goals due to some vague defect in our
character.  The Holy Spirit by His Words
brings hope, life and truth which sets us free. 
Discouragement binds us and limits us.  Here  are several definitions for discouragement:

The Courage of Two


Joy and Sadness

This week has been one of roller coaster emotions.  We shared a wonderful Christmas celebration with all my immediate family in which God's grace, presence and joy filled our home.  All eight grandkids were here and did an amazing job of getting along! We had some amazing verbal gifts exchanged as well as the more physical ones! It wasn't perfect--but even the Hallmark movies add a little drama to make it interesting!  I felt so much joy, love and pride as we watched our granddaughters give us an impromptu talent show complete with violin and song.  We are a blessed family.

The Special Gift (part 2)

A Special Gift

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