A Little Somethin'

What makes a good food dish a special food dish?  A little somethin'.  The basics are always necessary to cook a good dish, but it is always the "little somethin' " that puts it over the top.  Every great cook knows this.  The secret ingredient, the special order of preparation, the careful attention to amounts of spices or merging of flavors - often these are the "little somethins" that make for an extra special dinning experience.  These are the things that in themselves seem insignificant, but when they are added to the process of cooking, transform the dish without calling attention to themselves. 

Looking at the Wall?

Race car drivers are trained to turn their eyes away from the wall that their car may be heading for if they want to avoid a collision with it.  Most often, if they keep looking at the wall, they will hit it.  However, if they turn their eyes back out to the track, the outcome will frequently be different.  This is because our motor skills are connected to what our eyes see on a very intuitive and primary level.  There are other examples of this connection, but this one speaks about something that we can all learn from. 

Bait Evangelism

Most of us are not professional fishermen. When Jesus called to Himself men who would afterwards become apostles, some of them were fishing for their lively hood. He said to these men, "Follow me and I will make you to become fishers of men." Matthew 4:19 Their approach to fishing was with boats and nets.

Solving Recurring Problems Requires a Change of Thinking

In our Oak Harbor home we have reoccurring problem. It started several years ago after we installed a large glass skylight to brighten up our Northwest winter days inside with natural light. There were no problems with the installation, and no problems with any leakage until a few years past. Then, after a long summer of no rain (Yes, it is known to happen in the Seattle area) we had a down pour that resulted in water dripping into our recently remodeled, nicely textured, freshly painted room. It was disgusting.

Negotiating Mud Season

After a long frozen winter, or even a shorter season of frozen ground, and amazing season emerges. In the NE it is called "Mud Season". The solid frozen ground gives way to a spongy, soupy mess to any one or anything that is trying to cross it. I had a closeup encounter with mud season myself recently. I was moving rock from one place to another with a cart I have attached to my lawn tractor. I was leaving deep tire marks in the ground, but moving along pretty good until I tried a certain direction.


The aftermath of the Upward Call 2008 conference continues. The theme SHIFT was no joke. Let me back up just a little. We planned this conference long before we would know what kinds of things would need to shift in order to actually see the ministry fulfilled that the conference is designed for. As we approached the dates (February 22 and 23) there were certain battle stages that were set up to hinder the release of ministry that we had to win and shift through.

Now is the Time!

During our last soaker's meeting here in CT the Lord brought to us the understanding that it is now time to do what He has called His people to do. Interestingly enough, I was struggling with the new dynamics of a new guitar amp, new sounds and new volumes filling the room through my endeavors to prove what would work best to release the presence of the Lord. I was excited to have the new potential, but that was all it was to me that night: potential. I felt like David having to put away Saul's armor, because it didn't fit well, and also because he hadn't proven himself with it (since then I have spent some quality time working out the dynamics of how to shape the sound for the room we meet in). When I stopped playing we entered into a time of silent waiting upon the Lord, and that is when He really made Himself known.

Use of Time

After a busy time of ministry during January, we are in the quiet time between what has been and what will be.  Not that nothing is going on.  Indeed, everyday has had its own sort of activities and interactions with people.  Personal appointments, telephone conversations, email activity – things that keep moving relationships to new levels and promote good faith cross pollenization.  The rhythm of grace needed for this life helps me to know how to use time when it is not being demanded by attending to the outward expressions of ministry.  Between being bi-coastal commuters, moving in a

Year 2008 Meditations

I marvel at how we like to tag each New Year with some kind of perspective phrase. Usually it rhymes with the last number in that particular year. I have done it myself. Nothing wrong with using the New Year for fresh starts, renewed determinations, or setting ourselves into life giving perspectives that will enable us to be fruitful and victorious in our use of the year. And certainly the Holy Spirit can declare things that will help us focus our prayer life, expectations and faith level. But somehow I can’t get behind it this year.

A New Day, a New Way

Here we are at the beginning of a new year. 2008 to be precise. And new endeavors are afoot. And so begins the blog journey on a renewed website. Thanks to our son Andrew, we have a brand new interface for the Impart Ministries website, with easy update features for us and feedback available to you as we progress.

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