God Given Mandates

After attending a CEO conference for Christian leaders in Boston, one thought has really gripped my heart. It is the thought of God given mandates.

In developing vision and strategies for our lives and ministries, we must consider what God given mandates are and which God given mandates have been given to us.

First, a mandate is more than an idea, vision, or inspired thought. It is more than a prophetic insight, a great plan or purpose. It will include these things, but it is more than these things. A mandate is an authoritative command, a formal order from a superior. It is imbedded with the authorization to get something done. It is a commission granted to establish a responsible government to the end of bringing into order that which is out of order, or to release new order. Finally, it is associated with the expectation that the mandate will be done, and that there will be an account given to whether or not it was accomplished.

So when we receive a God mandate, we are receiving an authoritative command commissioning and authorizing us to get something done that brings an increase of the order of God’s government in the earth to which we are held accountable. All of a sudden, things shift in light of this reality. We must act, fulfill and account for what has been given to us to do. We are strengthened to do it because all the authorization and resource of the Kingdom of God is given to us to do it. I encourage us all to search our hearts for the mandates of God, and to fulfill each one for His glory.