Real Change

In the interest of real change, consider the following thoughts. Real change begins within us before we can see it take place through us. If the changes are not affect the core of our being, outward changes will eventually give way to our unchanged inward realities. We will push and shove and sweat and strain to change things, but the essential values, expectations and outcomes will remain virtually untouched without the change being real in us. We are prone to think that if we can find the right strategy, set the right goals and enforce the new structure that we will change things. Though there is value in these things, there is vanity in doing them without a deep heart change that brings life to them. As we think in our heart so are we. Change the way we think, and we will change how we do.

Example: I can outfit myself with gardening tools, gardening gloves, gardening books, weed and feed, and finally a nice gardening hat. But if I am not a gardener at heart, if I can’t think like a gardener, none of these things will result in the garden that is the envy of the neighborhood. Eventually I will hang up the stuff, because it didn’t work.

The stuff doesn’t make it happen, who we are does. That’s why God does so many wonderful things in us before he does things through us. He knows that when we change, we can truly change the things around us in a life giving way.

Example: In the Bible, Israel was brought out of Egypt through many signs and wonders, but when they considered going into the Promised Land, it was revealed they still had Egypt in their hearts. Egypt was where they learned about who they were through their senses and who they were told they were by the world of Egyptian thought. So when they were told about the Promised Land, they viewed their inability through the senses and their Egyptian life view - they were not able. Even though God promised, the lack of change in their hearts prevented that generation from walking in it. They eventually died in the wilderness. They came out, but they couldn't go in.

Deliverance doesn't bring us into what the Lord has for us; it only brings us out of the bondage we are in. We need a change of heart to possess the land of liberty.

Example: Jesus points out that we can't put new wine in old wine skins, nor does anyone put new material on an old garment. In both cases the old is the problem. The new is good, but if the old is not changed then the new is no longer the blessing that it is intended to be. The tension between the two produces more problems than it solves. The real answer in both cases is that the old has to be changed in order to benefit from the new.

Adding new things that have the potential to work well to old things that aren't working will result in things not working. It just gets more confusing. It should work but it doesn't. Nothing wrong with the new thing. It is just being used in the old way, and it is not designed to work that way.

Conclusion: If we find ourselves repeating the same things over and over no matter what new things we try, then let’s give ourselves to core value changes that can change the patterns of our lives for good!