Prophetic Instructions

Get ready to birth the things that you have been expectantly waiting for. The seed of many things are coming to full term, and must be birthed. There will be many new things brought forth and founded through the plans and instructions of the Lord. There is a momentum in the presence of the Lord that is pushing on the birth process, and when it is time, those that have set themselves to bring forth new life will not fail to do so if they fully co-operate with the wisdom of the Lord. This is not a time to bring forth the wind of ideas and thoughts, but to bring forth real life through real deeds. It is time for the spiritual innovators to be courageous and do things that haven’t been done, in ways they haven’t been done, to reach people who haven’t been reached with the salvation and deliverance of the Lord. The innovators will rise up in the house of the Lord to bring forth fresh life in fresh new ways. Many that have stood in their places faithfully shall be personally challenged to identify and join in with innovative solutions to long-standing problems.

Great grace is upon those that put their trust in God to do things that cannot be done by personal strength and ability alone. There will be powerful encouragement imparted to those who have previously been discouraged by failure, the hardness of the way, and the resistance they have previously encountered. As you pray, the Lord will give you accurate instructions that come from His treasure of wisdom. Your part will be to follow His wise instructions. Lean not to your own understanding. Trust not in your historic view of life. Get ready for thinking new thoughts outside the limits of your traditions. Let the Word of the Lord prevail.

New realities of God’s kingdom are being released. There will be a moving from what we know to Whom we know, and because of a new deep communion with the Holy Spirit, the anointed purposes of the Lord will flourish in the lives of those who seriously and genuinely seek Him. Through Him, all aspects of ministry service will receive a fresh release of Holy Ghost power to be effectual, fruitful and successful. The limitations and the frustrations associated with them will be broken, and new life will flow from deep wellsprings springing up through worship, prayer and devotion to do what the Lord reveals. There will be a new mantle of authority associated with the purpose of the Lord to get things done!

Get ready! Be willing to let the Holy Spirit review your life, your ministry, and your relationships; your everything. Present yourself to the Lord for this review. Allow Him to revitalize the areas that are not bringing forth life. Let him prune what He will, so that you can be more fruitful. Call upon His name, and He will show you great and mighty things that you do not know and cannot know without Him. Be willing to do the hard things to get to the desired end. Be willing to do the right thing, even when it costs you more than you think you can afford. Stop talking about change and let the Lord change what He will.

Finally, be willing. Innovators must be willing to endure contradictions. They must be willing to be the for-runner in a race others don’t see the need for without spiritual pride. They will need to have an inner reality and bearing that is greater than what they see around them. They will need to think in the realms of possibilities rather than problems. They must be willing to make all the necessary adjustments and changes in order to line up with their innovative approach to life. They must be willing to pay the price of being misunderstood without a martyr complex. They will need to take faith risks. All these things and more will be required in the lives of those who are bringing forth innovative things for the glory of the Lord.

It is not by might, nor by power, but by the Spirit of the Lord that you will be successful in your godly endeavors. The grace of the Lord be multiplied to you, the communion of the Holy Spirit be richer than ever before as you spend time with Him, and the love of the Father be ever stronger and deeper in your life as He reaches out to you to do for you what you cannot do for yourself.


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