Accept no substitutes!

Who among you starts a project or does a work, or seeks a purpose to be established, and stopping in the middle, says "It's completely finished."?

Who sets themselves to accomplish a goal, and stopping somewhere before the end purpose is established, says "It's enough. I've done it. I have obtained my goal."?

Of course not, says the Lord. In the same manner, do you not know that to seek me means to seek me completely until you find me?

Understand that it is not the action or motion of seeking me, that I call you to, but I call you unto myself through the action and motion.

So, as you learn to wait on me, wait on me until you are strengthened.

And as you learn to seek my council, seek my council until you hear it.

And as you learn to live a dynamic life in me, look unto me until you are living the dynamics of that life I have called you to live.

For many times my people have gone through the motions; they start the action of waiting, they spend time seeking of my face, but they do not continue in what they start until they have found me.

Please know that you are not called to motions and actions and other religious pursuits as an end in themselves. I have not called you to a life time of activity that has no other purpose to it but the activity itself.

So come and let me teach a better way.

Seek me until I am found of you.

When you pray in the spirit, learn to pray until your life is refreshed and the purpose of God is revealed.

When you sing songs of praise and worship, sing to worship and give praise to God.

When you read the Word, read the word until you hear from God.

When you pray, pray until you know that God has answered you.

Do you get the picture?

Consider this: when anyone starts processes and does not bring them to conclusion, they are unfulfilled in what they have done. There is nothing to show for all of their labor except the labor itself. Nothing has truly been gained.

In like manner, anyone who spends time seeking my face and does not find me has little benefit from their labor.

Anyone who spends time reading my word but does not hear from me has gained very little.

Anyone who spends time in prayer but does not know I have answered their prayer is still uncertain about the outcome of the matter.

Anyone who delights to wait on me and is not strengthened has exercised to no end.

There is little fulfillment in these things if they are not done with an expectant end.

But it still remains true, says the Lord, that I desire to fulfill all things in you, through you and for you, whatsoever things that I have said.

I am the author of salvation, but I am also the finisher of salvation in the lives of those who will continue in what I have started.

Because of who I am, if you are of my Spirit, then know that my Spirit is not only working in you to birth my purposes but to finish them. My Spirit in you not only is calling you unto righteousness but is working to establish righteousness in your life until it is established.

I am the author and the finisher of your faith. That good work in you that I have started I promise to perfect. Be a partaker of who I am, and let those good works that you have started also be brought to completeness.

Seek me with a whole heart and with all of your strength and I will truly be found of you. Don't give up before you have found me, for when you find me you will find everything else you need. Don't be satisfied with anything less than the end of your faith.

Accept no substitutes!

So says the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning of all things and the end of all things.