Bless the Lord with your the words of your mouth

It is good to bless the Lord with your the words of your mouth and to declare truth mightily with song and proclamation.
It is a good thing for you to put the trumpet of the Lord to your lips and proclaim greatly and with great confidence and faith the word of the Lord.
Do you not know that as you do so, the victory shall be ordered in your life?

Many people have had their ears filled with the din of defeat, but I want your ears to hear the sure counsel of your God. I have not called you into defeat, but unto victory. I say to you who are walking in the ways of God this day to use your own lips to proclaim victory and not to agree with defeat. You can drown out that din and silence the voice which has been saying to you, "Defeat" by proclaiming with your own lips the sure word and counsel of God.

Have you read about how Jesus defeated the works of his adversary in the days of his trials and temptations with the speaking of what was written in the scriptures? Was there not victory in it? He arose from that time victorious to go on with power, proclaiming the Kingdom of God in the land and doing many signs and wonders among the people. So shall it be with you, children of the Most High. You too shall put the word of the Lord in your mouth and declare, "it is written" and believe in your heart. Then, I the Lord will confirm the purpose that my word declares. It will be established in your life.

I look for a people who will proclaim the victory in the midst of the battle.
I look for a people who will walk in such strength and assurance.
I look for a people who will believe and declare my purpose.
I will be known as the God of victory among such a people.

I am not a God that knows defeat! I am the God that triumphs over all adversaries. I am the God who has caused a total routing of my adversaries. Wherever I go, my glory and the brightness of my presence destroys the works of darkness, and this is how I want to walk in the midst of my people. This is how it will be for those who will proclaim with their own lips the word of the Lord. I the Lord your God will move on your behalf as you lift up the word of the Lord like trumpets to your lips. So shall there be a fear put into the hearts of your adversaries, and they shall flee before the declaration of truth.

No longer allow your adversary's music to play depression, hopelessness, defeat, and confusion in your ears.

Take up the trumpet of the word of God and declare, "Great is the Lord. Great are the ways of God. Great is the God of my salvation!" Let victory be established!