Let the Lord open your eyes

Let Me open your eyes, so that you may see what you need to see. As you seek my face and spend time in my presence, you will begin to see things as I see them.

Unless you see as I see

  • the things around you
  • the people around you
  • the future before you
  • the past behind you

you will only be seeing through the eyes of your own understanding.

Unless you see what I show you, you will continue to relate and respond in the limitations of your own seeing.

My sight is much different than yours. You see in part and in the shadows of your circumstances and hurts. I see perfectly all things.

You need to see what I will show you. Then you will not be as a blind man, groping and stumbling along unfamiliar paths, but you shall be as one who sees where he is going and what needs to be done.

Let me open your eyes.
Ask me to open your eyes.
Don’t be afraid.
You need to see.

You need to see with the eyes that I give you to see with, the eyes that see in truth, and the eyes that are filled with faith, and the eyes that see in love.