Let God order your steps

Ponder the path of your feet. The decisions you make today will determine the place you find yourself tomorrow. Too many times my people do not consider the results of their actions. They live for today as though no tomorrow will come. They are too short sighted. Learn to weigh out carefully in prayer the things that you do and do not do. Acknowledge me in all your ways and I will direct your paths. My wisdom is perfect. I see the end from the beginning. Often, you only see the things that are right in front of you, and then you make choices based on your likes and dislikes, your goals, your opinions. But I see all things. I know all things, and I want to direct you as I see and know. The wisdom that I give will lead to the ways of life. The ways that man figures out for himself have no such guarantee.

Stop and quiet yourself before me. Practice listening for my wisdom. Learn to be directed by my leading. Don't be a reactionary to your circumstances, but learn to take action based on my directions. Life is complicated for those who have not found my wisdom. It makes no sense, and it is confusing to those who do not know my counsel.

But it is not to be so for my people. You are to know my wisdom, my counsel. I will lead you in the ways of peace as you follow my instructions. So wait up! Stop running around in circles as though there were no help from your God.

The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord. Are your steps ordered by the Lord? Or do you have any idea of what steps the Lord has for you to take? Many of my people are wandering uncertain of where they are going, not aware of where they are in reference to where I desire them to be. They have lost their way by making choices based on their own ways rather than my ways. It is time to stop this. I am calling my people to come and get back on track. I want to realign their hearts with my heart. I want to renew them in the simplicity of following their shepherd, instead of following their nose. Too many of my people are stuck in the thickets of this world's illusions, this world's perspectives, this world's likes and dislikes. I want to rescue them. I want to give them again a sense of destiny, and an understanding of how to fulfill it. My people are not to pattern themselves after the ways of this world. What is it getting them? It will not get you any better. But my ways are perfect, and as you learn to delight in my instructions, they will cause you to inherit the kind of life this world can never give you.

Be careful. Walk softly before me. Don't be hasty in your own spirit. Learn to wait before me. Let me direct your life into good things. Do this, and I will change your life from one that is coming at you with press and stress, to a life that is going forward into the good future that I have in reserve for you in strength and peace.