God is all you need

Are you looking for something that you cannot find? Are you searching for it, crying out for it, and saying, "Where is it?" Does there seem to be something missing? I want you to know that I AM what you are looking for. If you continue to look somewhere else for what I only can satisfy and provide you will not find it and you will not find Me. If you look to Me, you will truly find Me and everything else you are searching for. For in Me is the fulness of life. I am your total and sufficient portion in all things. The author and finisher of your faith.

I am He who will satisfy the longing of your soul. Yes, I have even created a longing in your soul that can only be satisfied through Me. I am He who will raise you up out of the place where you are, lifting you up to new levels of life. You are the one I have come to be with. I have come to you that you may be with Me, and that in Me you may have life, and that more abundant than anything you could possibly find without Me. I want you to know that I am what you need today, what you need tomorrow, and what you need all the days of your life.

You say, "I need so many things, I am such a needy person." My Word declares that I am your supply and I am your life. I am the truth that will set you free, and I am the way that you need to live and walk. You say, "I need many things, there are so many things lacking in my life." Come to know Me as the glory and the lifter of your head, the One who will fulfill you in the depths of your heart with all that I am, the One who will cause you to inherit blessing and abundant living.

Do not say in your heart, "I will be fulfilled by the things this world has to offer, by the work of my own hands, by the pursuing of my own wisdom and in the walking of my own ways." The ways of the world cannot fulfill that for which you long for deep in your soul. Do not run around in circles saying in your heart, "I will be fulfilled by becoming successful in the eyes of the world." The success this world offers is a fleeting, illusive dream that the man who chases it never finds. But know and understand that I am your complete portion and total supply, and that only the success of finding Me and My will fulfilled in your life can satisfy you.

Do not be deceived into believing that there is anything else but Me that can satisfy you in the longing of your soul. Money cannot satisfy you. Money cannot begin to satisfy the longing of your soul. Having this world's goods, all of it's toys and symbols of success, all of it's comforts and material advantages cannot satisfy the longing of your soul. Looking to the approval of others cannot satisfy your soul, neither fame or being highly esteemed by others. The longing of your soul will continue, though you could have all of these things, without Me. I am He that satisfies your soul!

If you will come today to Me with a fresh, new desire to know Me and say in the very depths of your heart, "Lord, I come to You that You may satisfy my soul and my heart cry in the midst of all of my need; I confess that You are the missing portion that I need in my life," then not only will I satisfy the longing of your soul and fill you with what has been missing deep inside you, but I will cause you to partake of new life, new things that I have prepared for you to walk in. I am the God of your salvation, the God who provides provision to meet all of your needs, and the God of your deliverance, delivering you out of the desperate places and into a large and fruitful living.

When you find that the way that you are living your life is not satisfying to you, and you come to Me to satisfy the longing of your soul with who I am, then you can also expect that I will bring changes to the way you live. I will bring change to the ways and reasons you do what you do. And through My life changing presence I will change you and what you do with your life and you will become a happy and content person. This is what I have prepared for you to live. A life that is satisfied with the goodness of your God. Indeed, if My goodness cannot satisfy you, then for sure, nothing else ever will.

So come and let My goodness satisfy you. Let Me overwhelm you with my goodness, and be completed in Me. Be complete in Me. Be complete now! Don't wait another moment, another day, for another accomplishments or for another thrill. Don't say, "When this is done, and when that is done, then...." Don't be like those who have said, "When I build my house." or "When I prove my oxen." or "When I retire and take my ease." or "After all the things I want to do are done, then I will come."

Come now. Let your life be fulfilled with My life, NOW! Let My life be in you and you will be fulfilled in all things, says the Lord.