Let God establish you

You are not called to be like tumbleweeds, drifting with every wind, tossed to and fro by every trend, rootless and aimless. But you are called to be the planting of the Lord, and to become trees of righteousness, fruitful in all of your seasons. For I am the Lord of righteousness and you are my people. I have chosen you to be planted in me, and in my house. Have you not read or heard that they that are planted in the house of the Lord shall flourish in the courts of our God. Put your roots deeply into the soil of my Word and let me establish you in the ways that cause you to bear much fruit, for this is the way that our Father is glorified.

Let Me become the stability of your times and seasons. Let Me establish you. It is time to be established. I will deliver you from your insecurities, your runnings and dodgings, your wanderings and daisy trails if you will but ask. I know what you are afraid of, but let me reassure you that in Me there is no fear. I love you and want you to grow up and mature in a stable and righteous manner. Take root. This is the way you will bear fruit. So many of my people have shallow roots, but I want them to sink deep roots into the soil of My life, so that when the winds blow, they are not uprooted to wander around in a trackless land. If you have been drifting, now is the time to seek me for a new planting for your life. I will recover you, establish you, and cause you to become fruitful. You will no longer blow on by from place to place, blowing in and blowing out. But you will be established and blessed. Ask me, and I will show you the soil you need to be planted in, says the Lord

Let me add that every believer needs a church home! Too many of God's people are drifting in various ways, from church to church, from relationship to relationship, from place to place. And too many who say they are Christians are churchless. There is no reason to be without the blessings of being planted in the church, except the ones we allow. God shows plainly that it is His way for us to be fruitful members of a local church. Find a church to attend and become an active part of the family of God. If this applies to you, then I believe it is of primary importance that you resolve any issue that is keeping you from being in a church. You cannot serve God or follow His way as He intended outside of His church. Pray earnestly for God's provision in this area of your life. -Darryl