Darryl's Quotables

From time to time, I make a statement that becomes quotable. This
section is a growing list of those quotes gathered from sermons,
teachings, mediations on God's word, and conversations. It is my prayer
that they will be fuel for thought and inspiration, perhaps a
jump-start idea that will lead to other ideas. All of these quotes are from Darryl Rodman

"Don't let the world suck you into their mold."

"Destiny is not fulfilled by trying to get a grip on your destiny,
it is fulfilled when your destiny has a grip on you."

"If you are going to be a lightning rod, make sure you are well grounded"

"A consecrated people can exist and serve the Lord without a dedicated church building, but a dedicated church building cannot fulfill the purpose of the Lord without a consecrated people"

"The manner of life we live is the testimony of what we believe."

"The church fails to turn their world upside down when it has become a subculture rather than the counterculture it is called to be"

"Churches rise and fall on the character of their leaders and their people, not on their gifts, abilities and talents"

"Too many times men have misrepresented how the nature of the kingdom of God is expressed in the church through their own likes and dislikes."

"Battles can be won by taking a defensive stance, but wars are won by aggressive, offensive exploits."

"If it's not life giving, it's not worth doing"

"We seek the Lord to live a live that is anointed, not seek the anointing to do something for the Lord"

"Just knowing about the changes we need to make is not good enough. We need to do something about what we know"

"Stop telling God how big your BIGS are and start telling your BIGS how big your big God is."

"God's vision for our lives needs to be separated  from a vision of our own making."

"Every new beginning needs to be established in such a way that it will lead to the completion of what has been begun."

"We are not to be governed by our history, but governed by our destiny."

"Information you can find in a book, but revelation is found through the power of the Holy Spirit working in your heart."

"God is in the habit of wanting to give larger visions for our lives and for the church than the ones we have for ourselves."

"God doesn't see our weakness as a fault, He sees it as an opportunity."






Strangely enough.....I've heard a few of these before



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