A Really Good Show

A family of three went to church as usual on Sunday morning. And as usual, being concerned members of the current state of affairs in the church were very watchful of all the activities. After service they greeted the pastor on the way out and thanked him for a good service. After getting in the car and driving away, however, the father and mother began their normal assessment of how the service went. This particular Sunday they were especially concerned about things. Father said that he had never seen the pastor preach such a weak message and that it was not a good subject anyway, and Mother agreed that it was not very inspiring. Mother then added that the choir was not doing well these days, and the songs sung that morning were terrible. Father was upset about the way the order of the service went, as it did not follow the program as it should have, and why did the pastor have to have Sister So and So come up front to give the announcements again. Mother then turned the subject to various reports on who she talked to and all their problems and how some made her mad and others were not listening to her opinions these days. Father admitted that the church was not doing much for them anymore, and admitted he was upset with the deacons for the way they were greeted as they entered the church. The last comment Mother made had to do with the fact that worship service was too long and too loud.

Now all the while the little boy, their son, sat in the back seat and listened to this assessment in silence. Finally Son said, "But Father and Mother, you have to admit that it was a really good show for a buck."