The Fool's Creation

Once there was a fool. He was wise in his own eyes and always had thoughts on how things could be better. On one of his finer days he was walking down a lane when he came across a pumpkin patch. He noticed that the big orange pumpkins were growing on rather simple lowly vines. Next to the pumpkin patch there was a giant of an oak tree, and the fool decided it was time for a rest. He lay himself down under the oak tree and looked up. Once again he pondered the fact that the oak tree had little tiny acorns for it's fruit, quite a contrast to the pumpkins that he had just seen. Now, as he thought on these things he had one of his better idea thoughts and this is what it was. "If I were God, I would have created things differently. Look at those pumpkins and this oak tree. Now, I would have set those glorious pumpkins on this mighty oak and those little acorns on those lowly vines. In that way, the oak would have fruit befitting it's stature, and the vines fruit befitting it's lowly position." The fool was so proud of himself for thinking this out so well that he basked in the contentment of the accomplishment until he fell asleep under the oak tree. After a while a wind came up blew off some of the acorns. One fell and hit the fool square on the head, which woke him up with a start. After learning of the source of the thump on his head he exclaimed, "I am sure glad that wasn't a pumpkin!"