A Special Gift

Special Gifts come in many forms.  Tonight, one of Elizabeth's friends she has had since high school came over and shared her gift of wrapping presents with me.  Several years ago she worked at a Hallmark store and realized that she had accumulated much wrapping paper and the assorted ribbons, bows etc that come with it!  Earlier this summer the subject of wrapping gifts came up and Elizabeth shared with her that I hate doing it.  She immediately offered to come and do it! You see Darryl had always wrapped our presents and did an amazing beautiful job.  We were a team.  I would hunt for the boxes or bags and he would make them beautiful while I wrote the tags.   I started to tell Christine and Elizabeth not to bother.  I would simply suck it up and do it.  But the Holy Spirit checked me, and said, "it's not just about you".  A few years ago Christine lost her mother.  This was a God sent appointment where we cross-shared our giftings.  She could do something for me, that she couldn't do for her own mother anymore.  It was a special night, that would not have happened if I had stood behind my pride and said no, I can do this.  We laughed and prayed together.  She shared some stories and we spent time together.  It was nice to watch the two young women inter act.   It was special--and my gifts were wrapped in fun paper!  I made a Christmas snack for us to enjoy and for Christine to take home.  Once again I realized when we allow others to help us, it is a gift for them as well.

This week I have been busy helping with our churches Christmas Outreach.  We have 180 children who are going to get special Christmas presents selected by members of our congregation.  The team I am on helps organize the gifts for each child and each family.  It is a lot of work, but the joy on the faces of those giving these gifts are priceless.  The joy on the parents faces when they pick up the gifts is amazing as well.  Christmas is a wonderful reminder of the importance of giving and receiving.  God gave His Son for us, we receive His love and share it with those around us.  How amazing is that!

Father, I ask that you work deep in our hearts during this season when we are so aware of the blessings of giving and receiving, so that we will continue through out the year to share what we have received from you with others.  I thank you for the gift of your Son and it is my heart's cry that I can bring joy to your heart by the life I live---both in giving to others as well as receiving from them.