The Special Gift (part 2)

Last week I wrote about a Special Gift, this week we are celebrating the most special gift that God gave us, His son, Jesus, our Savior.  I am so thankful I have received this gift.  One day several years ago I was feeling very down and discouraged at my own behavior.  I sat on my bed, crying out to the Lord.  I began to realize that I needed someone to come and rescue me from myself and my situation.  With great relief and joy I began to say, "I need a Savior", then I said, "Oh I have one!"  Thank you Jesus!  It was such an amazing moment, once again receiving His forgiveness and joy.  It was like my life was re-set to not only zero (from the negative) but to the positive because I am His child and am an overcomer.  It wasn't Christmas, but it sure felt like it.  I want to encourage us to receive this gift once again, fresh and new this season.  Not the baby but the man who died on the cross for our sins to set us free from any and all bondage.  This is the great promise of every Christmas season.  I'm so thankful because it is what binds our hearts together in His love and grace.  Each of us needed Him, each of us still need Him and rejoice, for we have Him!

Merry Christmas to each of you.  May His Promises, His peace and His purpose grow even stronger in your hearts this year.