The Courage of Two

A few years ago shortly after Darryl suffered his debilitating stroke, I felt housebound and stuck.   By God's grace and the love of many we were able to get him out of the house with relatively minor effort--but emotionally it cost me a lot. We went to church on Sundays and that was about it.  Because it was summertime, many of our friends were enjoying exciting vacations and I admit I was a bit jealous of their freedom.  On the flip side I felt so grateful to have the help and support of so many people...I felt guilty for feeling that jealousy. Ah emotions.  Anyway, my friend Joan Freeman had been helping a lot.  She came one week end and said, I found a beach for people with disabilities and we should take Darryl!  They have free wheelchairs that travel well on the beach with giant wheels.  Let's go.

I didn't want to go.  Partly because it was difficult for me to begin to admit that Darryl really was disabled and that we qualified for a place like that.  But Joan can be quite persuasive and even though everything within me was saying, NO....we went.  It took her courage to get me out of myself to try something new.  It took her encouragement that it would be a good thing for Darryl as well as myself.  I realized it took the courage of two to accomplish the task.  We went to this beach.  Darryl so enjoyed it. I sat on the sand next to him, crying, enjoying the sunshine and realzing once again the need to put my eyes on what we could do, not what we couldn't.  Joan shared her courage with me that day.  I chose to receive it.  That day gave me a new memory, a break from the routine and an insight into how we can help others.  Thank you Joan for being a courageous woman of God.

Tonight two friends and I tackled putting up my curtain rods in my newly remodeled room.  Guess what, we couldn't finish it.  We ran into some issues that so far we don't have the expertise or hand strength to fix, but we made a memory.  We enjoyed working together--and it took the three of us to just try.  Of course I am disappointed that we didn't complete the job--but the blessing of being together added value to all of our lives.  I don't see it as a fail--just God adding a few more pages to this room story!

Jesus sent his disciples out two by two.  He knew we needed the blessing of friendships and partners to fulfill the great commission.  Yesterday two old friends came to visit.  Memories of over 45 years flooded my heart.  What a joy to share life again, if just for a few hours.  They are believing God for some very good but large miracles.  I know they have the courage of two in their marriage to receive His plan. 

I want to encourage each of us to share our courage with others.  Allow God's grace to work in and through you to speak positive words whenever possible.  It is one way we add value to each other and God's Kingdom.  



Two By Two

December 20, 2015 Monday night is Hackers league we hackers get to play 9 holes of golf and because one of the men we play with owns a restaurant/bar in the area many go to his place and have some Diet Coke (or something else) while the results of the nights play are tabulated i.e. who is 1st. 2nd. 3rd. & losers teem.
On the norm. I usually don't go but the man I played with that night encouraged me to come I actually started for home but then said to myself "It is 5 day's to Christmas and even though the kid's will be with me on Christmas day, Christmas eve and Christmas night I'll still be going to bed alone sure do miss Darlene and Christmas has always been special for us." So I changed direction and went for the Diet Coke arriving late the only place at the bar was beside a couple who had been drinking the (something else) Ted introduced himself and his wife to me then asked what I do for a living I told him I'm a Police Chaplain and help equip and train Pastors/ Priests/ Rabbi's to serve in that capacity.
Ted: What does that entail ?
Me: Assisting the police with death notification.
Ted: A year ago today as a mater of fact 12 minutes from now is when our son died of Cancer!
(In true form like the Samaritan woman at the well who said You Jew's worship there and we Samaritans here.)
Ted said: I was brought up Catholic but I'm a Mechanical engineer so now I know better I'm an Agnostic.
The conversation went on but needless to say every question he had was an opening for me to speak of the love of God i.e. Ted: How did you change?
Me: asking Jesus to forgive me and come into my heart!
With in the hour and half I was there It became evident to this couple it was not by chance that I sat beside them specially when I took His hand and prayed for them this Agnostic was in tears as was his wife who having been adopted and brought up Southern Baptist wanted my phone number and permmission for them to be able call me.

Christmas came and went New Year has come I was and am not alone.
Thank You Jesus !! You'll never leave me nor forsake me