Letter of the Day M!

Some while ago I read about somebody who randomly picked a letter from the alphabet and just started thinking about how they could praise or worship God or discover some of His attributes with that letter.  So tonight I chose the letter M!

I began to say you are:

Marvelous!  (amazing, outstanding)  I started with this word because of an old hymn I used to sing with my family, "How wonderful, How Marvelous is the Saviours love for me".  God's love for each of us is amazing and outstanding beyond any others.  His love brings security and grace while it also causes us to want to grow and develop as His child.

 Magnificent! (Impressively beautiful)  Studying the universe with my grandchildren shows me how impressively beautiful and massive His creation is, and yet He loves and cares for me here on planet earth!

Moving!  (Producing strong emotions)   He is not only moving in His plans and purposes fof my life, He is moving things around as I pray and seek Him for my good.  Things are not stagnant around Him, and yet His is unchanging!

Mighty!  (Possessing great and impressive strength)  His might and power is very impressive.  He speaks and the worlds were formed, He uttered the words, Your are forgiven, and my sins were washed away. 

Merciful! Someone who is caring, compassionate and gentle with discipline  I love His mercy and its loving care for my soul...and yet, He disciplines me with His loving grace with firmness.  His rod and staff comforts me.

Mysterious (Difficult or impossible to understand, explain or identify)  So many times I wonder why things are the way they are, and yet that is when I need to trust Him even more.  He is mysterious and yet open to know at the same time.   The more I know Him, the more I trust Him.

After these I sort of ran out--and I admit, I cheated!  I looked up the rest in my concordance.  

Miraculous!  (something provided by divine intervention or something unexpected and wonderful)  Our God is not bound by time, space or substance.  I want to experience more and more of these divine interventions, however I need to allow Him to lead me in such a way I need them.  This is not always comfortable nor easy.

Motives! ( A reason for doing something)  What a comfort to know that His motives are always good and for my best interest.  He is fully trustworthy and always dependable.  When circumstances seem contrary we must keep on walking, trusting and believing because He only has our best interest at heart.

 When you are bored, lonely or simply stuck at a stop light--trying this exercise will stimulate your brain, encourage your soul and make God bigger in your sight!  Have fun with it.  I'm sure there are many other M words which magnify Him....find your own!