Lessons from Candy Crush Soda

Over the last couple of years I must admit to a "guilty pleasure"...that of playing Candy Crush computer games.  These brightly colored candy shaped games caught my attention and unfortunately caused me a bit of guilt for the number of minutes I have spent on them.  Then I began to realize that they actually have helped me in some un-expected ways.  

For those of you who are immuned to their lure, or think they are actually temptations sent from the enemy--I will explain how they work.  Usually they begin with a very simply game of matching three of the same shapes, when you find these three they go away and you look for more.  As you progress through the levels, they add more colors or shapes, different strategys and what was simply fun mindless check out becomes much more challenging.  

Being the "thinker"that I am, I began to ask myself, why am I playing this game?  I would pick up my phone and scroll to the icon click on and play.  They are self limiting in that you only have 5 lives that need time to be refreshed so you could begin again!  I realized that I had learned perserverance.  I would just keep playing and playing five lives at a time until I actually won that level!  Sometimes this could take weeks!  At first I would get frustrated and angry that I couldn't get it.  But then, I started to utilize more patience and I figured out if I kept at it I would eventually finish that level.  I have tranferred that trait to to other areas of my life and it has been amazing.  Paul told Timothy in 1 Timothy 6:11 Pursue righteousness and a godly life, along with faith, love, perseverance and gentleness.  I know that perseverance has never been something I've been good at.  If I couldn't get it quickly, I would either quit, or ask someone else to help me.  I've been asking myself to try things a little longer before I quit.  

I also have learned to look at the bigger picture.  On some levels you have to make "special candies" by combining certain number of candies.  If you are focused on a small section of the playing field you may miss the opportunity to make these special winning candies and thus fail the level.  You have to keep your eye on other parts of the game at the same time.  It's the same way with life  When I feel stuck or overwhelmed,  I've learned to pull back and see where God is working in other areas of my life.  It has been useful when walking through swampy times.  Be still in the presence of the Lord and wait patiently fo rhim to act.  Psalm 37:7

There are websites that you can go to to find hints and tips written by others who have completed any particular level.  I've learned to take advantage of these websites when I've gotten stuck.    They can't and don't play the game for you, but they show you some strategys that you may have missed.  This is so much like the body of Christ.  We need each other.  It is humbling to ask for help, or to get counsel from others, but it is also part of God's plan for us to help each other.  God's Word is our first and foremost wisdom finder, but also are mature saints in the body of Christ.  There are many good books on marriage, parenting, financial wisdom, spiritual growth and other areas that may be troubling.  Taking the time to seek them out can be more than worth the effort.

I've also discovered that knowing the hints and tips does not guarantee a quick win.  Sometimes it takes awhile to learn how to implement what you have learned.  it still takes time and patience.  Once our head starts understanding God's ways, it still can take much time and many experiences before we really begin to walk in it.  He is a wonderful teacher and is always ready to help us.  The scripture exhorts us to let patience have its perfect work.  Not an easy thing to do. But we can do it.

Now I will confess I gave up on one game.  It just seemed too hard.  I played and played it, but nothing.  As I am writing this I realize I never took the time to look up any hints or tips from others.  Maybe I will check it out.  Maybe I will just be done with it.  I know there are times when things pass and we must move on.  Interests change.  For a game, there is no consequence for quitting.  Not so with some aspects of our life.  Amazingly parts of my character got strengthened by playing these games.  I know that for others they are time fillers and time wasters.   If I get bored, or God says enough, then enough it will be.  I trust these lessons from Candy Crush will be useful to someone!


Candy Crush

I admit that I am an opponent of Candy Crush feeling it is a waist of precious time based on the fact that I've gotten caught up in trying to win if that's at all possible with that game.

Thank you Martha for bringing to light that God works all things together for good to those who are thee called according to His purposes, I wonder if Joseph became convicted at times for winding up a servant to Potiphar or later in the kings prison how about when he was thrown into a ditch by his brothers then sold to Egyptians (maybe at that moment he was the first to realize the Proverb "even a fool is accounted wise if he keep his mouth shut.")

Does it not say we should consider the Ant, the Spider, the Lillie's of the field. Why not consider Candy Crush you have with your observation opened the eyes of my understanding that as long as Christ is in charge of our heart and The Holy Spirit is leading and Comforting nothing we do is wasted (spoken by a man who will chase a little white [sometimes yellow] ball around a golf course hitting it with a club till it falls in a hole then take it out and start all over again) YET I've met with Jesus on the Golf course and heard His still small voice, because it is the voice of the Shepherd and I am His sheep.

Thank you again Martha you are truly an anointed Prophet of God.