Triple Celebrations

Growing up as a triplet, birthdays were always a group celebration.  Our mom would bake and beautifully decorate one cake and we would share.  No trouble blowing out candles with three people blowing at a time!  Now that we are older we don't always get to be together on our birthday, and we are ok with that.

Eleven years ago my daughter Rosanna gave birth to her daughter Abby the day before hew own birthday--we  often celebrated their birthdays together.  Three years ago, my other daughter Elizabeth gave birth to a wonderful baby girl named Malise.  So now our family is learning how to celebrate these triple birthdays with joy and wisdom.  This year we are choosing to honor each individual on their special days.

So why are we having three individual birthday celebrations?  

1.  First of all, because we can.  This year it works for us to be together.  However, each of these gals are special and deserve recognition, blessings and honor.  For our family we have always chosen to make birthdays a time to focus on the birthday child.   We don't always do it with expensive gifts or parties, but we choose to honor the person God has placed into our lives.  It reminds us that God entrusted us to raise this child for His glory and plan.  Not all families have this perspective, but it is something Darryl and I decided to do when our first child was born.

By focusing on the individual it helps combat what I call degenerative blindness.  A phrase God gave me that describes the gradual loss of perspective and joy initially had when that person came into your life.  Once a year it  (hopefully more often) helps bring a re-set as we remember their birth story or with our sons and daughter in law their entrance into the family.

2.  It is also a time to pour love, acceptance and appreciation into the birthdya persons love tank.  To remind them how important they are to us, and that they have a safe zone of people who care for them.

3.  Choosing a special gift, customized for the individual helps us stay in touch with who they are what they are becoming.

4.  Life is short.  God instructed the Israelites to have special feast days to remind of His care, provision and deliverance.  We choose to celebrate in rememberance of His goodness in adding these amazing people into our lives.

5.  Its a time to reflect on growth, change and pray for changes and ajustments for the person they may be facing.

6.  It's fun!! And we get cake.  Lots of cake this year.  

Our granddaughter Abby's bucket list this year asked for a special family birthday gathering.  Rosanna needed to be around family for various reasons.  We needed to be around her (and her family) as well.  You probably don't celebrate the way we do, and that's great.  Make your own traditions.  

I'm aware there are those of you who grew up with no special celebration, it was just another day.  I respect that, and my heart is sad for you.  I do hope and pray that somebody somewhere takes time to celebrate each of you on your special day.  I am amazed how wonderful my soul feels when my FB friends send me a Happy Birthday message on my birthday.  It warms my heart.  Such a small thing, but it means a lot.  

Grace to each of you.  Pray for my friend Bill, three years ago today, he said good bye to his wife.  Not a joyful day for he and his family.  Hugs