Living Easter Everyday

Forget not all His benefits...who redeems me from death. Psalm 103:4

He redeems me from death. What a joy to know that I'm on my way to heaven!   But redemption is even more than that. Redemption is being set free from the slavery of our sinful nature and slavery to the pressures of the culture.  This really is the good news of the gospel.  It is His plan that we are  not only on paper so to speak free, but in the actual living of our life we are free!  It is not simply a good news when I die kind of experience, but He intended it to be our now lives in this real world kind of reality.  

The blessing of the gospel is that we really do have the choice to live free.  Free from the slavish thoughts of the past, or the intimidating new thoughts the enemy would try to add daily.  (You are no good, you aren't worth as much as others, you have made too many mistakes, you are unlovable etc type of thoughts, ).   I've discovered that I daily have to make a  choice to live my life with these new life thoughts.  I have been  redeemed me from those death and discouraging thoughts, but it is up to me to choose to believe them.    It is my daily decision to bring them subject to His truth.

For most of you this is basic Christianity 101, however, as a long time believer these are the basics we need to be reminded of from time to time.  Why not let this Easter season be a time to choose to really live the freedom that Jesus died on the cross to give us?  Letting the Holy Spirit into those quiet places of our thoughts where we might still be subtlety believing slavish lies.  It will be life changing.  It won't necessary be easy.  But it will be worth the exercise it takes to choose these new thoughts.  

Picture yourself running free.  No heavy weights, no chains on your feet but free to do whatever He says.  Free from fears, free from self doubt, free from Now picture yourself with heavy chains wrapped around your head, feet and arms.  Think about living your life in that bondage.  Not too fun a thought right?  Which way would you rather live?  I imagine its the free picture.  Can you imagine Jesus looking at us, and saying I redeemed you from those chains, why are you still walking with them?  There are people who live in compromise.  They walk in enought freedom to enjoy most of their life, but are still hindered by seemingly small nagging lies or fears.  The Bible encourages us not to grow weary in well doing and sometimes, I believe our weariness comes from carrying excess chains and bondage of these lies.  The Truth sets us free, on the flip side b bring us into bondage.  What a better time to focus on the freedom that Christ has set us free, this is really what Living Easter everyday is about.  Walking redeemed.

The process is simple:  we must believe the truth instead of the lie.  We find the Truth in the Word.  As you read the Word let the Holy Spirit show you (convict as necessary!) where you are not believing the truth about yourself, Him or others.  Meditate on the new thoughts till they become your new Truth!  

For those of you who apply this practice already, share it with others. Be the example of walking in the Light as He is in the Light.  We will change our world!

Happy Resurrection Day everyone! 








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