Yesterday was a day of celebration at our house.  Elina Haslet turned 5 years old.  The Most Amazing thing happened as we watched her open her gifts--she absolutely began to blow up with excitement.  Her soul was touched in the most wonderful manner.  I don't think I have ever seen her get so excited and blessed, happy and thrilled at the same time.  Her eyes got big, her smile and laughter rang out and she was sooo thankful and grateful for the thought-filled gifts she received.  

I've been thinking about it.  She made me want to be 5 again!  I wondered what it would take for me to get that excited!  But, then I thought I was, just last week.  During my down time as I was regaining my strength from that nasty virus, I spent a lot of time praying and thinking.  I asked the Lord for His freshness and I realized I needed to connect with women who are called as I am into ministry. I had been invited to just such a conference in Vermont in June, but due to previous commitments, I couldn't see how I could go.  Those commitments were re-adjusted and I am going.  What I saw on Elina's face was the same excitement I had when I shared the news with Becca Rodman the week before.  Becca said, I haven't heard you this excited in a long time! God  answered my heart cry.  This is what He does!  He brings joy and gladness to our souls.   

This conference is something I'm supposed to attend.  I don't know why, but I'm going out of obedience and trusting His purpose and plan.  When was the last time you felt compelled to do something outside your norm? We can either follow our Holy Spirit led compulsion, or we can bury or ignore it.  I've chosen to follow.   I've been reading about "watershed moments".  Decisions that can take us forward or take us backward.  in 1972, as I was getting ready to leave Alaska and I felt compelled to write a letter to my friend.  That letter opened a whole new world for me and my future (I actually met Darryl because of that letter).  This was a positive.  King David's decision to remain at home when his army went to war, allowed him to fall for the temptation to commit adultery and his kingdom began to decline from that point on. Not such a good decision.  We will never know the blessing of obedience and the fruit of that obedience if we stay stuck in our natural mind.

I am grateful we serve a gracious, forgiving and merciful God.  I know there are times I have missed hearing His voice, or promptings to step out of my comfort zone and I wonder what I've missed.  Other times I get it!  One Saturday, still in my pajamas  I knew I was supposed to interrupt my life and go to the post office, right then. I quickly changed clothes and headed out.  i checked my box, it was empty!   I turned and saw a friend who was bent over and writing.  I wondered, should I disturb her or not.  I felt a nudge, turns out she desperately needed to hear part of my God story right then. He got me where I was supposed to be. 

It some ways it takes courage to follow His leads, but in other ways as we do it, it actually becomes a very peaceful, trusting way to live. Let's practice saying yes to Him and His ways.  To trusting that each day is a day that He has made and He will show us so many things in that day that we can rejoice in.  Then we will be overwhelmed by His joy and surprises.  This is one of the ways we get to experience His abundant life!

The conference that I am attending is Women of the Word with Dr. Lynn Lucas.  It will be held in Montpelier, VT. June 3 and 4.  http://www.women-of-the-word.net/events_OneDayVT.html  Check it out!