Prayer Works!

I ask you again, does God give you the Holy Spirit and work
miracles among you because you obey the law?  Of course not! It is because
you believe the message you heard about Christ!  Galatians 3:5

What a great verse and reminder that it isn't simply a matter of
obeying the law that releases the Holy Spirit to move. We have to walk in faith
in him and that message.  The Bible encourages us to pray for changes in
ourselves and others, to release our faith to really understand that when we
pray, something happens.  For myself, as I focus on the Father, it is
easier to believe that my prayers are being answered.  When I focus on the
problem, even though I'm praying, it doesn't seem to change much.  When I
tell my problem about my big God, it begins to shrink.

It might be I need to remind myself once again of who I am
praying to--the God that created the universe!  The all-powerful one, the
almighty, the majestic King of Kings and the Ruler of all things is the one I
am speaking my petitions to.  The message I've heard about is he is a
loving Savior who desires good things not only for me, as his daughter, but for
those I care about as well.  

Yesterday I planned on buying a baby shower gift.  I
thought about ordering it online, but felt that Holy Spirit check to go to our
local Baby N Me store instead.  Imagine my surprise when there was a
"sorry, we had to close early sign" on the door.  I thought, oh
well, I must have missed it. Then I thought, oh her husband has not been well
for some time, it could be about him.  So I prayed for them, instead of
being frustrated.   Today, the same urge came.  Buy the gift at that
store.  I admit I was a bit concerned that I would find another sign on
the door, but no they were open.  After the one customer who was in the
store when I came in left, I shared my story with the owner and she admitted,
yes her husband was in the hospital.  She told me about his situation.
I ask her if I could pray with her and she said yes.  I know the
Holy Spirit touched her and brought change to the situation.  

Dear friends, let us believe when we pray that the Holy Spirit
is moving and changing things.  What an amazing gift and tool we have for
ourselves as well as others.  I've seen some great answers to prayer this
past week.  My tax refund covers my airplane ticket to the conference I
mentioned last week for one!  Some of my prayers are personal for others,
but still saw great breakthroughs.  It sounds contradictory I know, but
release your faith when you pray.  If you know you aren't quite there in
the faith realm take time to read the Bible (faith comes by hearing and hearing
by the Word of God!).  Tap into your relationship with him before you ask
those stretching prayers.  Spend time in worship first.  Make him BIG
in your sight.  It will change the way you pray.  Some answers are
for now, others are for a bit later (in his timing)...but keep on praying.
We have not because we ask not. 


Father, I ask you take us deeper and wider in our prayer times
with you.  I ask you to help us grow in our faith so that we can believe
your message in those areas we might not trust you as yet.  I ask that you
show us those areas where we are trusting in ourselves and not even thinking
about praying, so we can grow in our relationship with you and become more
effective for your kingdom's sake.  In Jesus Name, Amen