Prayer Works 2!

If I was Jewish, I could say in such a voice "such a week it was".  Last Friday was the anniversary of Darryl's heart attack and stroke.  After writing alst weeks blog, "Prayer Works", I determined to pray and ask the Lord to help me walk through that day with His purpose, plan and grace.  Those of you who read my facebook post in the morning I began by remembering some of the amazing people who God put in place to make that event more bearable.  Some of them I didn't even get their names, others I listed (Lori Passarelli, Pastor Kevin and Amy Wilson, Tom and Denise Golden, Jesse Dudley, Ron and Kathleen Verna, Joan and Alan Freeman, Vanda Parece-Wright and so many many more.  I list them by name because God uses individuals to help us walk through the difficulties of life.  We need each other.  You may be the answer to someone elses prayer and that is really fun!

Later on that day, I read another Facebook entry from long time friends, Fred and Linda Roth.  Fred wrote a very difficult post letting us know that Linda had chosen to go off her treatments and leave the hospital to finish her course at home with hospice care.  I was so shocked.  This was not how the last few weeks of praying was supposed to turn out.  I wanted to call them and say, once its over, its over.  There is no going back.  I kept praying.  The next day I was helping at a baby shower...celebrating the soon to be born miracle baby of a young mom who had beaten cancer's odds by God's grace and was able to conceive. Prayer worked according to our plan this time! My heart was still focused on the Roths.  I was having a difficult time feeling celebratory when my friends were walking through such grief.  I contemplated leaving, but one friend asked me if she could pray and said, please don't go, can I pray for you?

Her prayer and my choice to focus on the new life coming caused me to stay.  We need the Holy Spirit to help us sort out our jumbled feelings as we move through the seasons of life.  My heart so hurt for my friend as he said his final good byes to his wife of 42 years.  I know the difficult journey he is facing, adjusting to her passing.  She is in heaven.  She is out of pain and in such a better place.  During the Sunday morning service, I wrote in my journal.  "Treasure in heaven, how do I grow in value of this treasure?  Death is part of life.  Is there a way to let go of our loved ones easier?  Because of Jesus I know Fred and Linda will be reunited.  But right now, it seems so difficult.  I asked the Lord, How can I value heaven more?  He hasn't asnwered that question yet.  I know prayer works because I am at peace in God's ability to take Fred on and through his journey.  I am praying for their family to be comforted by the great comforter.  I know they will be all right.  But I also know the process is not easy.

I started reading a book by Ravi Zacharias called The Grand Weaver: How God Shapes us Through the Events in our Lives.  We are fearfully and wonderfully made by our creator to not only endure but learn how to enjoy His working of the purposes of the different events in our lives.  To exchange our earth-focused vision to one that is more heavenly is a process.  I remember sitting one day as Darryl was re-learning to eat.  It was a Sunday afternoon we were alone.  He knocked over his TV tray and spilled his food.  I looked at him, I was very tired and weary.  I did not want to clean up another mess.  I looked at him and I began to pray out loud.  "God this is a man who you love.  You haven't stopped loving him because he can no longer speak for you.  You simply love him.  You love me.  I feel alone, but I'm not.  We will be ok." That day I learned a lot about choices.  I learned a lot about God's grace.  We may not always see His hands in our events right away, but they are always there.  Prayer worked here as well.

I'm grateful that prayer works in personal conversation with our Father.  He will help me learn to value treasure in heaven. (I do know and value the things done for His kingdom over the things done for earthly gain.) It is having to let go of people sooner than we would like that I struggle with.  I'm grateful intercession for others works.  I've seen His hand answer many prayers lately for others.   Let's keep on praying brother and sisters.  It usually changes us first, then the situation.