She said yes.

Mother's Day is fast approaching.
My mother joined Jesus in 1990--26 years ago.  I miss her even
though she and I had a complicated relationship.  Last night I was talking
about her with my housemate, Emily.  It made me realize, once again, God's
hand in the events of her and my father's life that led to my life.  Early
on in their marriage, my parents were pregnant with twins!

 However, complications set in and
at four months along, she suffered a miscarriage.  Then at seven months
she gave birth to a little girl who lived only eight hours.  Our parents
suffered that loss with all the pain and suffering as you can imagine.   Unfortunately she was not able to
conceive again.   She and my father
did not share these stories easily, so I can only imagine how deeply this
affected her.  Fast forward many years. My
father joined the Navy during World War II. 
This brought my parents to
Whidbey Island, Washington away from their families in Texas. 

 After the war was over and my
father was discharged they decided to stay in Washington.  They still yearned for children and through
the process of time chose to go the adoption route.  Eventually paperwork,
home visits and then acceptance as potential adopting parents took place.  The adoption process takes courage and commitment.  The social service representatives seek to
learn everything about the couple, including medical, financial and emotional
histories.  My parents probably had to
share the story of their loss, which could not have been easy.

Adoption is still not easy; it takes
courage to bring someone else’s child into your home.  Each adopted child
comes with their own story, and it, by necessity has heart break woven into it.
I can only imagine the conversations
that must have taken place between the two of them.    How
old a child would you prefer?  Do we want
a boy or girl?  Did they dream of that
special child?  

One day, my parents received a phone call
from Medina Children's home in Seattle.  "We have a set of triplet
girls available.  Would you take them?"  Triplets!  I don’t think that was something they would
have even begun to imagine as an option! 
One day, not too long before she died, I asked my mother about that
phone call.  She said she was standing by the fireplace and had to hang
onto the mantle! She felt like collapsing!   I don't know how long they talked about,
or how the decision to take us finally was made, but they said yes.  We
were eleven months old.  My mom was 40 and my father was 42.  My mom
said yes.  She said yes!

If my parents had not said
yes, the adoption agency would have split us up.  At that time people
wanted young babies and we were almost one year.  They would have split us
to make us more adoptable.  How grateful we all are for being raised
together.  In saying yes to us, she said
good bye to her dream of becoming a business woman.  She said good bye to
many of the things her friends were doing and took on the task of raising us.

She said, yes.  I want
to thank her for saying yes.  God put us in the right family at the right
time.  It wasn't always easy.  She didn't always understand me.
But, then again, I didn't always understand myself! (Still don't at
times!).  Adopted children and biological children all want to be loved
and accepted.  We were raised in a home that helped us know Jesus.
My mother taught us many useful and practical things.  She took great care of us.

This week in our Life Group
we looked at a woman named Mary.  The telephone didn't ring in Nazareth,
but the angel Gabriel showed up and announced she was going to become the
mother to God's son.  She said yes.   We don't know all that she had
to bear because of her decision.  Her reputation, her future was all
changed because she said yes.  We all benefit because of Mary's yes.
When the Holy Spirit comes and asks us to surrender to His will, let us
decided now, to say yes.

Because of their loss (of the
twins and her infertility) we were given a new home and family.  I am thankful my mom said yes, even with fear
and trepidation.  None of her parents or family wanted her to adopt us,
but she did.   She said yes and I wish I could thank her in person,
one day I can.

Thank you Mother, for saying yes.