I see you...

This past week end, the ladies of Life Church gathered for a
retreat.  It was an amazing time of
grace, growth, and encouraging faith.  Sprinkled
throughout our time together was the phrase, “I see you”.

I see you…   Is it a game of hide and seek?  Is it a harsh voice of condemnation, making
you feel like you’ve fallen short again? 
Or is it a voice of encouragement that motivates you to walk taller,
stronger or longer?  How do you feel when
you know you are seen? Do you embrace the fact you are seen, or do you run and
hide? (To me, to be seen is to know, that I as a person exist and have value.)

Both Pastor Reshaun and Pastor Michelle mentioned it during
worship, during times of exhortation and during ministry times.  I think I even mentioned it during my sharing
time.   The way they said it made you glad to be
seen.  It was said with such grace and
contained an unspoken invitation to draw near to the One who sees.  

Genesis 16 tells the story of Hagar, Sarai’s handmaid who
became pregnant by Abraham.   Sarai was
so harsh with her, she ran into the wilderness where the angel of the Lord
found her.  He urged her to return to her
mistress, which she did.  She from then
on, referred to the Lord as “You are the God who sees me.”  The Lord found her where she was lonely,
discouraged and confused.  He gave her
words of direction, hope and promise.  Being
seen changed her life.

Our doorbell rang one
day when we lived in Oregon.  I answered
the door and two Jehovah Witnesses were standing there.  They began to talk about how God is always
watching us.  It was in such a way that
to provoke terror!  I said, “I know, isn’t
it marvelous?  He keeps His eyes on us to
protect us and care for us.  He looks out
for us and corrects us when we need it.” 
They looked at me as if I were speaking a foreign language.  They wanted to scare me into believing God
was a big bad boogie man always looking for my mistakes.  They didn’t know what to do with my
answer.  Every once in a while I pray for
them, trusting that my words made a difference. 
How we perceive our being “seen” affects our response.  It was a good thing for Hagar to be

I am so grateful that we have the Holy Spirit who sees us
where we are.  He is there to comfort,
direct and encourage us in our difficult places.  I believe there are many people who feel they
are not seen.  They are lonely and
confused, perhaps contemplating some very poor choices.  I believe those of us who know we are “seen”
can make a difference in their world by “seeing” them.

How do we “see” people? 
We look at them.  Then we might look at them again.  We take the opportunity to speak kindly to
them, we treat them with respect and we respond to them when they speak to us.  Who are some of the unseen around us?  Children, the homeless, the elderly, the
single parents, the disabled and their caregivers are some that come to mind.   Father, I ask that you help open our eyes to
the unseen, that they may know that you see them.