You never know what a day may bring...

You never know what a day may bring..

She walked along the dusty path way in the middle of the hot
day.  She was used to this daily task, carrying her water pot to the well
one more time.  We don't know how old she was (how long would it take to go
through five husbands and even find another to hook up with that you didn't
even marry?)  But we do know she was an outcast in her village.  She
had to do this normally communal task alone.  Her life choices and
experiences had left her shunned.

One day, as she toils along, she notices a man beside the well,
oh he looks like a Jew.  He won't want any part of me, she thinks.
But then he asks her for a drink?  What?  Samaritans do Not eat
or drink together.  Then the conversation begins that change her whole

That seemingly ordinary day not only changed her understanding
about herself, but it changed her village!  Jesus gave her back her self-respect
along with her confidence.  She ran back and told them about a man who
knew things about her that she hadn't told him.  She told these people who
had shunned her--and amazingly enough, the change in her was so evident that
they came and saw for themselves!  This is an amazing true story.
Yes it happened so many years ago.  Bu these were real people.

Our day can be changed by our own encounter with Jesus Christ.
Sometimes it is by reading the Bible and letting His Word bring life and
truth to our soul.  Maybe it is sitting and allowing the Presence of the
Creator amaze you with His creation.  Taking time to worship Him with thankfulness
and gratitude, or simply sit and tell Him about your day and how you are
feeling.  If you have ever felt like this poor woman who had made so many
mistakes that you could/would never be accepted, take a look at this story
found in John 4:1-42.  He received her with grace and truth.  He
loved her where she was--and we find out that she was quite a remarkable woman.
Listen to her questions, they were quite astute.  And then she
believed.  She tossed out the negative thoughts and was so excited she ran
and told others.  The others came and their life was also changed.  It begins with an encounter with our loving

Be encouraged any dry and dusty travelers.  His living
water is waiting for you.  He loves you and is waiting to bring times of
refreshing to your soul and mine.  Let's take the time to drink! 

I’m going to do something new this week end.  I’m traveling to Montpelier VT to meet with
new ladies.  I’m hoping to receive
something new, by doing something new.  I
also believe I may encourage their hearts as well.  Pray for me, ok?