The Blessing of Obedience

The blessing of obedience and helping others is amazing.  A few months ago my friend sent me an email talking about a women's conference in Montpelier, VT.  Most times my first response to such things,  is thank you, but no thank you, however there was something different about my response to this invitation.  My spirit began to respond, but when I looked at the dates, I just put it aside because I had just promised my daughter, Rosanna, that  I would take care of their three children while they went to the Foursquare 2016 Convention in Hawaii.  There was a conflict with the dates she had originally given me.  I set aside the thought of going.

As we grew closer to the date I asked my daughter for her schedule once again.  They had reset their dates so I would have that week end free.  Should I should I not, should I should I not, the debate in my mind went on, has that ever happened to you? I really felt in my spirit that I should go.  I got so excited my daughter in law, Becca, said I haven't heard you this excited in a long time! 

I talked with my friend in Rhode Island, she said she felt like she needed to be there as well.  So it was on!  All the logistics were covered.  Rosanna and Andrew flew out to Hawaii on May 26 and returned June 2. Becca covered the time in between for me.   I flew to RI on June 2--and was able to leave my car at the airport for them to pick up and have way back home.  

It was one of those times where I knew I was supposed to go.  I really didn't think about the purpose, I just knew He had one!  I had never heard of the speaker, nor knew much about the organization (Women of the Word or WOW as it is known).  I knew my friend, Joan Freeman had been a member for many years and that was all I knew.  I just knew God was ordering my steps and I was  determined to simply walk in His obedience.

After a long drive from Providence, RI to Montpelier, VT, I walked into the leadership meeting Friday night alone.  Not sure who or what I would meet or experience.  The greeter/admin gal was so charming and warm, I felt immediately at ease.  I walked in godly confidence and security (so much it really sort of surprised me, if I can be honest!)  God's grace and love was so evident.  The leaders were actually looking for me as I came the farthest and they had never had someone from Washington state attend a Vermont or even a northeast region meeting before!  There were about 40 ladies in the room.

I met the regional director who then introduced me to the speaker.  Her name is Dr. Lynn Lucas.  She has two doctorates, but was the most humble approachable woman you would ever want to meet.  Worship began and away we went!  

There is something unifying and comforting about anointed genuine praise and worship.  It draws God's family together at the foot of the cross.   It didn't matter that I had never met these women before, we were worshipping our Lord together and it was good.

The speaker began to share things applicable to leaders in some very practical, down to earth ways.  She began her teaching with a look at Ahab talking with Jezebel about Elijah's interaction with the prophets of Baal.  During worship the Holy Spirit showed me how weary and tired these women were.  It blessed me that Dr. Lucas ministered to that weariness and discouragement.  One of her practical instructions encouraged us that sometimes we just need two hot meals and a nap to continue on with our journey!

God began to talk with me about some specific needs in my own life.  As I shared them with her, she began to pray about the failed expectations I was carrying concerning Darryl's restoration.  She ministered to me about me trusting God's no's in my life as much as His yes's.  Not something new to my thoughts, but it went deeper than ever before.  I was able to lay it down at His feet and realize it was part of my past.  Through our conversation I also realized that other areas from my past were hindering me from walking in the fullness of my calling.  As she prayed, I felt a greater freedom to embrace His call. These were small shifts in some ways, but I know they will have major effects.  

The next day was open to everyone.  My two traveling companions attended and I watched the Holy Spirit meet them where they were as well.  Many many of the women (I would say 80+) were ministered to in some powerful ways.  Several women were saved as well.  The worship continued to transport us into His Presence.  The regional director always encourages my friend Joan to bring and play her flute with the worship team.  This time, she had never met them, much lest played with them but what a mighty, mighty sound they made together.  I know as the body of Christ learns to flow together as they did, powerful things will take place.  Dr. Lucas told Joan thank you and that she relys heavily on worship to set the tone for her ministry times.  I still feel the effects of the worship sessions in my spirit.  

God led us the rest of the week end.  It was such a blessing to  watch His Spirit flow and meet needs as I prayed for different people at New Beginning Miracle Fellowship as well as the encouragement of simply being together as His Body.  I was able to see old friends and meet new ones.  One of the things Dr. Lucas told me was that my ministry may be a bit quirky to others, but just to relax, be myself in Him, and let Him flow through me.  I did that Sunday morning and we sort of high jacked the adult Sunday School class.  These folks trust God in me, and graciously let the spirit flow that morning.  I ended up praying for everyone in the class, and they were grateful.  Nothing planned, but God imparted encouragement and strength where needed.  I am humbled and grateful.  I asked Dr. Lucas to pray for my friend Joan, who suffers from scoliosis.  I knew that her back was hurting, though she did not tell me that.  The team ministered to her and she was able to drive the four hours home without any hip discomfort or pain.  I am so thankful for God's touch in her body.  We watched God begin a fresh straightening work on her back as well.

There were more opportunities to encourage those I was around.  He ordered my steps and used my life for His purpose.  I want to encourage each of you to speak His words of Life to yourself and to those around you.  I was sad not to connect with more of my dear friends in the region, but it just left me with a desire to return, in His season and timing.  

I know this is not my usual blog type writing, but I wanted to share my trip story.   I thank those of you who prayed for me while I was gone.  It is difficult to explain how significant this trip was to me and to those I traveled with.  I can only encourage you to seek His will, walk in His obedience and trust His blessing to follow!