I needed Church!


Life is not always easy we all know.  These past few weeks
there seems to be an increase in the area of battles and oppression not  only in my life, but in the lives of my
children and friends.  Waiting for breakthroughs while battling the lies
of the enemy I put on the armor of God I wrote about last week.  Then
Saturday, I found myself feeling weak and discouraged, needing a word of
encouragement from somewhere...anywhere???  My son, Andrew and his family
stopped by to measure a door that needs to be replaced.  He warned me that
if he seemed short in his answers, he had a raging headache and neck and back
pain as well.  My heart went out to him--but I was also frustrated because
we had been praying for this for several days.  He has been going to the
chiropractor to get some relief--and it was worse!  

About fifteen minutes after they left, my daughter and her
family showed up.  She had broken one of her front teeth in an accidental
encounter with a metal bar while helping her daughter try out a new bike.
She was in shock and upset for more dental expense.  We had already
been praying for my son in law, because he injured his finger playing
basketball last week.  Rosanna called and said he was still in a lot of
pain.  The Urgent Care people sent his x-rays to an orthopedic surgeon.
They want to see him today for possible needed surgery.  Throw in
financial issues, a lice plague and other spiritual attacks I felt Darryl's
absence quite strongly.  My own personal “grief cat” jumped on me, and I
kept thinking, if he was here at least we could pray together for our family.
There is power in agreement, and I felt I only was working half strength.
I knew that was a lie, but it sure felt more like truth Saturday

I prayed and sat and sat and prayed throughout the rest of the
day.  i read some scriptures, but just sort of sat in His arms waiting for
Him to show up.  I got up Sunday with worship, the Word and a
determination to make it to our pre-service prayer time.  However, I
forgot something at home, so chose to make the loop back and forth--missing the
prayer time.  But on the way, I cried out to the Lord--I'm looking for you
to show up and speak to me.  I need to hear from you today.  Thank
you for ministering to me through the service.

We had an awesome worship time.  Many of the lyrics spoke
right to my heart.  Instead of being a leader who prays for others during
our altar time, I thought, I think I need prayer myself.  Nothing wrong
with that, but by the time it came for that time in the service, God had
already met me and I felt I was ready to pray for others.  A gal came up
for prayer and the Lord met her in His special way through my prayer for her.

Pastor Michael Hurley stood up to preach.  His Word was
amazing.  It was all about perseverance.  I felt the oppression
leave.  He quoted from Winston Churchill,  "When you are going
through hell, don't quit."  I added in my own notes, don't quit till
you get to heaven!  I was energized and blessed. So during second service
as I served in the nursery, I felt strong and strengthened. The Holy Spirit
showed me how to help a single mom and her little 18th month
old.    God brought the turnaround I needed
through His gift to us, His church.  Some of you give in to the temptation
not to assemble with His people when you are struggling.  My dear friends,
that is the time you need to get there.
I have watched people drop out of a church for various reasons and not
plug in somewhere else and it is always an unhealthy move.  If this is
you, find a church home--not just a building, but a church family where God can
meet with you and you can meet with His people.   

Pastor Michael was simply moving through I Corinthians 13,
preaching on the different aspects of love.  This was the day I needed to
hear about perseverance, and we were there! 
I spoke with several others and they said the same.  Usually
we are not alone in the battles we are fighting, we just feel we are! 

We need to add perseverance in our love for God and His people.
We need to love others during their difficult times.  We need to
love ourselves through our difficult times.  It is a bit humbling to admit
just how weak I felt last Saturday, but by God's goodness, I'm doing well this

 The lies of our enemy come strongly concerning our being a
part of His body.   You don't need it because you are strong enough on
your own.  You don't need it because you are too weak and people won't
understand.  You don't need it because you are too busy, too tired, too
stressed, too out of it.  Hebrews 10:23-25 Let us hold tightly without
wavering to the hope we affirm, for God can be trusted to keep his promise.
Let us think of ways to motivate one another to acts of love and good
works.  And let us not neglect our meeting together, especially now that
the day of his return is drawing near.

I know that some of these "issues" I/we've faced this
week may seem small in the huge scheme of things, and some of them are.
If you are facing larger hurdles, then you even more need the help and
encouragement of a church family.  Remember God never intended for us to
do life alone, but with His body.  
Oh yes, Andrew’s finger just needs to be “buddy taped” no surgery
needed.  Please pray for my family that
we will walk in the manifested victory He has given.  Thank you.