New Adventures, or old ways?

Yesterday my sisters and I had the opportunity to step back in
time and be involved in a KING TV news segment about our father.  In the
early 60's, as part of the Interstate Freeway expansion, many houses in the
Seattle area were takeover by imminent domain to make room for what is now I 5.
My father came up with the idea of buying those homes and barging them to
our island.  He bought them from the city for $1 to $350.  He moved
about 20 homes here (we are about 90 miles from Seattle on land, not sure of
the sea distance).  One of the families who bought a home had a home movie
of the actual off-loading of the homes and moving them up to their new
location.  This brought back may memories for each of my sisters.  A
television crew from Seattle came and shot film of their home (the mom had
lived in the home for 52 plus years).  We were invited simply to come and
watch the interview, the movie and just enjoy the process, or so I thought.

A few weeks ago I was driving by one of my dad's developments
and wondered to the Lord "I wonder if anyone even remembers his influence
to this community?"  It was just a conversational comment made to the
Lord.  What a surprise a few weeks later to find out he was being
remembered in this way.  The fellow who emailed me the invitation is a
believer as well.  This made it much more comfortable for me to get
involved.  Each of us were nervous about going.  It was sort of a
step into the unknown.  The typical girl thing "what should we wear?"
had to be discussed, of course!

We were not expecting to be on camera at all.  However, we
ended up being filmed as we watched the home movie.  Then we went into the
kitchen to view some of the pictures that were laid out.  The interviewer
began to ask us questions.  As usual, I ended up being the spokesperson
for the three of us.  He asked me a question:  What/How does this
impact your life, looking at this accomplishment that your father did?  We
had talked about my father and his love for people and God. (None of that made
it on TV)...but I realized my father left me a legacy of faith as well.  I
remember there were people who thought he was foolish to attempt this
adventure, but he went ahead and the homes are still standing today.  He
was able to select strong homes with good foundations that would stand the
journey.  We were honored to be a part of this project.  I am
grateful to the Miller family for their open heart to include us in the story.
I can see how my father's heart and faith has impacted each of us.

As I was preparing yesterday to go, part of me wanted to back
out.  It was new.  It was unfamiliar.  It was not comfortable.
The Holy Spirit spoke to me and said, there was a time when EVERYTHING
you are doing now was new.  From the smallest to the largest.  Why
let fear stop you from stepping out and doing something new.  The new will
one day become familiar and comfortable.  The new will not always be new,
but there will always be a "new" on the horizon if we set ourselves
to follow Him.  He is our God, and He is able to make any bridges we need
from our old to His new.  

I'm grateful for my dad's legacy.  I'm grateful for this
reminder of his courage and out of the box thinking at the time.  Each of
us is also leaving legacies for the next generation.  Let's leave them
with the best one we can, right?