Don't "self-clip"!

         Last weekend I had the privilege of
celebrating my friend (and my daughter in law Becca's aunt) Eva Bunika's
seventy fifth birthday.  The planned a wonderful surprise celebration for
her.  She and her family came to this country from Romania to escape the
Communist persecution of Christians.  As part of the celebration Becca
asked me to pray about sharing any special words or prayer for her.  

   As I was waiting on the Lord for His Words, the
Holy Spirit showed me an amazing picture of a magnificent soaring Eagle! It was
flying high and free--doing what it was created to do.  As I watched this
picture in my mind's eye, I heard the voice of the Lord speak to me.  He
said, "many of my people need to stop self-clipping".  

   I instantly knew what He meant.  Over the
course of my life, we have kept parakeets as pets.  These wonderful pet
friends needed to learn to fly safely in our home, and honestly, to make it
easier to catch if they escaped, we would carefully cut the flight feathers of
each wing.  It was important to do both wings equally so they would not
fly unbalanced.  The feathers would soon grow out and the procedure would
have to be repeated every so often.  

   But, we as God's children are called to soar high
and free.  In an instant I realized we all, at times "self-clip".
Every time we doubt His love, His grace or faithfulness we are clipping
our own wings.  Whenever we choose fear over faith we pluck or chop a
feather!  When we walk in disobedience we are choosing to fly lower to the
ground than is His plan.

   Eagles were created to fly high and use their
amazing eye sight to spot prey and danger.  The higher we fly in the Lord,
the better we can see things from His perspective.  As long as we fly
lower than He desires, thinking smaller thoughts, living smaller lives, caught
up in the ways of our old man, we will not receive His thoughts or ways.
Isaiah 55:8-10 For my
thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, says the Lord.
For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than
your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.  
Going back to Isaiah
40:31, they that wait upon
the Lord shall renew their strength.  One way we grow our flight feathers
is to spend time in the Presence of the Lord through prayer, praise and of
course His Word.  

Jesus used word pictures many times in His teaching.  I
pray that this Word picture of an Eagle with clipped wings will encourage you
to stop "self-clipping" and grow your flight feathers to soar with
Him.  It is so worth it! 


Eva had a wonderful time at her party.  It was inspiring to
all of us to hear how her life has impacted so many.  For a single person
who did not have her own children, God arranged for her to impact many!
At seventy five she is still learning to wait on Him, walk with Him and
fly with Him, she inspires me!  So thankful for how her life has touched
mine.  I also was privileged and humbled to meet a couple who came to this
country before Eva and her family.  He had been imprisoned for his faith
for two years.  President Ford helped them come here. I am so thankful
they had our country to come too--let us keep praying that our country stays a
safe haven for other refugees.