Don't Keep Secrets!

The month of August
has been beautiful here on Whidbey Island.  Thanks to my daughter
Elizabeth I have actually made it to the beach a few times.  A few weeks
ago one of her friends organized a trip to a new beach.  It was one I had
never heard of in all my growing up years here on the island.  It is
called Double Bluff, and is about a forty minute drive from our home on the
north end of the island.  


What an amazing place!
When we arrived the tide was at its low point so there was an immense
expanse of sand just waiting for the kids to run and play.  I have to
explain that the north end of our island beaches is very rocky with piles of
driftwood and other flotsam and jetsam!  The tidal pools are filled with a
variety of sea life.  They really are special places to visit.
However, there is usually not very much sand.  Instead of building
sand castles we build rock formations!  So to walk up and find this
immense vastness of exposed sand was remarkable.  It reminded me of our
east coast beach adventures.  Nostalgia!


Here was this local
secret.  A place where obviously by the overflowing parking lot with scads
of cars parked along the side of the road was not a secret to so many!
This treasure, while unknown to me, was known to hundreds.  I'm
hoping I am communicating how surprised I was to experience this beach.  


Years ago as a child I
used to read my father's Voice magazines.  These were booklets put out by
Full Gospel Businessmen's Fellowship loaded with the testimonies of people who
had encountered the power of God through the blessing of the Holy Spirit.
Salvation stories, physical healings, miraculous times of supply,
restoration of relationships and other awesome manifestations of God's Presence
were shared.  These stories made some deep impressions upon me.  As I
waited for my dad in his car, I would devour these stories of the current
evidence of a powerful God.  However, even though I read these stories it
did not occur to me that I could be one of those people who could encounter Him
on such a level.  Yes, I knew Him as Savior, but these stories showed
people who actually seemed to walk with him.


You may be wondering
what Double Bluff beach has to do with Voice Magazine.  We came to this
island in 1950.  That beach has been there a lot longer than that!
And yet to me it was a hidden secret.  I'm sure there have been
millions of visitors to that beach, but not me.  I needed an invitation
and someone who said, come go with me and experience this place.  


When I was 19 I met a
group of people who were living the stories I read in those Voice Magazines.
The hunger that was stirred in reading them began to be encouraged once
again.  God put people in my life that had tasted and experienced God's
power and grace.   Not only had they tasted and seen the glory of God,
they shared it with me!  This power has been here since the beginning of
time, but not for me.  What we may think
is well known, is not always the case.  Double Bluff Beach was always
there, but it didn't make a difference in my life until somebody pointed it out
and said let's do it!  


I want to encourage
you to share your story.  You may think it is "old hat" or not
that exciting, but every story where God shows up is miraculous.  It may
be the appetizer that will change someone’s life or what may seem like an
appetizer to you--but it may be someone else’s entree!  The Bible tells us
that we can overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the Word of our Testimony.
So share your story, Don’t keep secrets! 
if you don't feel you have one,
ask Him for one!  He loves to write in your life.