How are your eyes?

Last week I was
talking to the Lord about someone and asking Him to help them in an area.
The Holy Spirit whispered "they were born with faulty vision”.    In other words their family of origin
had raised them to see the world in a skewed manner.  It wasn't their
fault.  I believe when God reveals a
root, He has the solution!   I began
to pray that the Lord would correct their vision.  I was made aware that
they didn't know they weren't seeing the world as others do.  It was like
a light went on!  As I meditated on this revelation I began to recall several
scriptures that deal with eyes, vision and perspective.  This is something God cares about.


As I thought about the
analogy of the beam and the speck, I knew I needed to examine my own eyes
first.  Slowly the Holy Spirit has been
revealing areas in my life that I too had faulty vision. None of us are born
with perfect God sight.  We all need His
lenses.   A few years ago when I was
caring for Darryl I was tired and a bit weary from the then two year journey.
It was time to tend to his physical needs and he was being a bit slow in
getting in position.  I got a little short with him and then suddenly I
realized that this was my husband I was talking to.  Not just a body that
needed care.  I started crying out to the Lord to help me.  I
apologized to Darryl and told him I loved him, and that it was a privilege to
care for him.  As I asked the Lord to help me, he began to talk to me
about degenerative blindness.  You don't have to be caregiver to have this
happen to you.  Spouses, parents, teachers, pastors and leaders can all
develop this vision problem.  You stop seeing the person or persons as God
see them.  The love, grace and joy of the Lord stops flowing--actually we
drop out of walking in the fruit of the spirit and function in the flesh. It
was quite a revelation.


As I began to talk to
Him about this newest revelation, I realized the difference.  Degenerative
blindness is something that we allow to develop over time, but this condition
is something that can go undetected from our natural birth.  We are
conditioned by our family or friends to see the world a certain way.  I
think that may be why stereo types develop.  When our natural way of
seeing others is in conflict with how the Bible instructs us to see or relate
to others, we develop a problem.   Families relate to mom, dad or children in a
certain way, but not necessarily with a godly perspective.   For example, conflict can occur where “king
of the castle” vs the “husband as servant” arises. We can justify why we
see things the way we do or we can allow the Holy Spirit to give us fresh eyes.


Prejudices develop
towards others based on our vision.  I'm old enough to have experienced
several cultural shifts. For example, less that twenty years or so you
would not see a tattoo on your typical soccer mom.  It was a relative
small culture in our society.  Now it is common to see old, young and
everyone in between.  If I had it ingrained in me that people with tattoos
are not to be trusted, I would be in trouble!  (You won't catch me paying
for added pain, though).  This is a very insignificant issue in many ways,
but there have been churches that screen tattooed people out of leadership
based on some Old Testament scriptures.  How we “see” others, affects our
ability to minister to them.


As I have been praying
about my own lenses He showed me some areas that have to change.  All
change begins with conviction of need.  It's hard to explain the subtle
change He has worked in my heart.  It has to do with taking the limits off
His ability and desire to use others.  I see a greater capacity of His
people to affect change in this world.  He has changed my vision for
myself and then for others.   I did not even recognize that I had placed
subtle limits on others, until He began to do this new work.


Two of my children
needed glasses during their school years. 
I’m not sure how long they needed them before we discovered their faulty
vision, but we were grateful for the eye exams and that corrective lenses were
all they needed. The first thing my daughter said, “Wow, the trees have leaves!”  She was amazed how many things she had been
missing.  It is the same in the spiritual
world, until God changes our lenses we may not even be aware of our need for
those changes!  Ask Him today to give you
an eye exam.  Be encouraged, it will
bring greater joy to your life.


Father I ask that you
work in your body a more perfect vision. Help us to see others as you see them.
Give us your perspective of ourselves and those you have placed in our
sphere of influence.  Let us respect and honor those who serve us at the
Post Office, Grocery Store or gas station as we see them as your children.
Father I ask that you help us recover areas of degenerative blindness
that may be affecting our influence for you in our families, our workplace and
our church community.  Apply your eye salve to our weak eyes and let us see
as you see.  In Jesus Name.