How's Your Eyes Part 2

Last week I asked a question “how’s your eyes?"  I've
still been pondering those same thoughts this week.  How many decisions,
actions and attitudes are affected by our point of view?  How do we even
know if we are looking clearly or not?  As a new mom teaching my children
some of the basics, my tired brain began to wonder how it would affect a child
if you taught them blue was green and red was purple?  Only for them to
discover at school that they were totally mislead.  It seemed
diabolical--leading to distrust and confusion to say the least.  I am so
thankful for the Holy Spirit cautions when my perspective is off.  In
elementary school we discovered our son was red/green vision deficient.
It was quite a surprise, but it didn't seem to be too bothersome.  I'm
sure he grew tired as well as frustrated when we would ask him, "what
color is this?"  He only had his own experience to share and it was
difficult for him to clarify and for me to figure exactly what he did see.
I knew that it would limit a few of his career choices as he grew older,
but didn't think much more of it than that.  That is until I started to
teach him how to cook.  I asked him to fry the hamburger until it was no
longer pink and he admitted he couldn't tell the difference!  Now it
became a problem to solve as well as awareness that it could be a health issue!
Some color deficient (color blind) people might not be able to
distinguish changes in skin color due to blushing, sunburn, rashes or pallor.
This could affect interpersonal relationships due to inability to read embarrassment
on a colleague or co-worker.  Some color deficient people have problems
picking ripe bananas!  What we don't see does affect us!  The other
day we realized he should not be the person testing their hot tub water; he
couldn't distinguish the test strip readings.

How does this affect our spiritual vision?  When we think
we know what we are seeing is accurate, but it isn't it can affect our
judgment.  The past couple of weeks have been emotionally difficult for
me.  A good friend from England ended up in the hospital with very serious
health issues.  My emotions took me back to Darryl's hospitalizations and
I could only empathize for her family.  My own grief cloud began to set in
and depression descended.  I cried out to the Lord asking for His help.
I read Psalm 73.  The author of this Psalm is Asaph.  He
struggled with the conflict of his perspective when he kept seeing the wicked
prospering.  In verse 13:  Did
I keep my heart pure for nothing?  Did I keep myself innocent for no
reason?  I get nothing but trouble all day long, every morning brings me
 Fortunately he did not stop here and he realized his
perspective or how he was seeing things was off.  In verse 16 he declared:
If I had really spoken this way to
others, I would have been a traitor to your people.  So I tried to understand
why the wicked prosper.  But what a difficult task it is.
knew he wasn't seeing clearly.  He began to ask the Lord to give him the
right perspective.

Verse 17 is such a comfort.  He says:  Then I went into your sanctuary, O God, and
I finally understood the destiny of the wicked.
 Through this last
grief struggle, I learned some new wisdom.  I saw this picture of grief as
a dark cloud hanging above my head.  It seemed thick and impenetrable.
Thank you Lord that I knew that was a lie. I felt the Holy Spirit tell me
to keep looking up.  Look higher.  Look above the grief and see Me.
I'm above the darkness.  I reign over death and darkness.  I
want to bring you through this season.  It was hard to keep looking up,
but as I chose to do so, the dark clouds began to thin.  The light began
to shine through and hope once again re-appeared.  On my brother and sisters,
it may not be grief that is your dark cloud, but whatever it is keep on looking
gup.  Look past your struggle and see Him, the author and finisher of your
faith.  Look up and see and experience HIs loving face caring for you and
yours.  Look up and choose to trust Him.

The other day on the news they shared a story about lenses
available for people who are color blind!  Technology has developed to
help people see more accurately.  We have the spiritual technology
available to see more clearly as well.  Worship, the Word and prayer will
bring our eyes and heart into more accurate vision.  I'm so thankful for
God's relentless grace in finishing the work He has begun in each of us.