What is wellness?

went to my "wellness" checkup last week.  I told my new doctor
that I wasn't quite sure what this all entailed, and he said he didn't always
know either!  

He started off with a
very encouraging remark:  You don't look like a Medicare patient!  I
said, well technically I'm not--because I don't have enough earned credits yet
to qualify!  Not till January.  Apparently that set a whole new
direction for this appointment.  If I was an authentic Medicare patient (I
am 67 and should have been enrolled for two years by now) he would have a list
of questions to evaluate my memory, physical walking and ability to care for
myself etc.. He said the last question would have been do I think I need a

We laughed at that
question and moved on.  

I believe that the Holy Spirit, as the Great Physician,
was given to help us live in a state of wellness.  My doctor actually asked me what was my
secret to staying so young looking!  I
didn’t know how to answer.  I laughed and answered as honestly as I could,
"God, I guess!"  I had just come from working out at Curves—in my
work out clothes and no makeup. I definitely wasn’t trying to dress to
impress!  I scheduled the appointment for
early that day so in case he wanted some fasting blood work, I could get it
over with.   It was definitely great for my morale.


However after I left
his office I began to think about that elusive thing called wellness.  I looked up the definition   Wellness is an active
process of becoming aware of and making choices toward a healthy and fulfilling
life. "...a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, and
not merely the absence of disease or infirmity." This is God’s plan for us
as believers.  That we would actively make
choices toward healthy and fulfilling lives!  
I believe wellness is an attitude
that begins with our spiritual man.  2 Corinthians 4:8, For God, who said, "Let there be light in the darkness,, has
made this light shine in our hearts so we could know the glory of God that is
seen in the face of Jesus Christ.  We now have this light shining in our
hearts, but we ourselves are the fragile clay jar containing this great treasure.
This makes it clear that our great power is from God, not from ourselves.

It is Christ in us the hope of
glory.   As we grow in our awareness of this treasure
which abides in us, His light shines more and more through us.  As we take the time to renew our mind we are
pursuing wellness.


Those of you, who read
last week’s post, know that I went through a dark period recently.  An emotional perfect storm came together and
hit me hard. I definitely did not feel emotionally well.  Just like we can be attacked with physical
disease, we can go through spiritual and emotional battles.  It was clear
on my chart that I am a widow.  The
doctor graciously and honestly asked me about depression.  He said they
have some great meds to help with serotonin levels etc. With that very recent
battle in my memory,  I was forced to be honest and said, at times I have
asked the Lord if I needed those tools. 
But God has always made a way for me to work through those dark places.
I told him, I always pray through it and with the help of others I come
back into the light.  Once again I can only be grateful for God's
faithfulness and the grace and mercy He has given me to move toward the light
during the darkest of times. Our biological mom suffered from mental
illness.  It is something I know is real
and can be devastating.  Just like some
people need to be careful for their genetic bent toward cancer, diabetes etc. I
felt a caution to pay attention to my emotional man.  Many years ago I spent some specific time
praying and breaking that generational heritage off my life and the lives of my
siblings.  Not because I was experiencing
symptoms, but because I did not want to pass this down my children or
grandchildren.   I have no fear of
them walking those same paths.

I want to encourage
everyone to remember when you walk through dark places and your souls do not
feel "well", remind yourself that you are not alone.  As a believer, you have great treasure within
you.  This treasure is the light you need
to help you walk back into the light. 
Bring your feelings under the reign of Christ.  He is Lord of them, as we allow Him to be.   If we encounter a person who is
struggling with these dark feelings, we need to help them draw near to the
Light.  The Lord showed me that as He leads me through these dark valleys
I can lead others through.  My trials and tribulations are not without
purpose and neither is yours!


Please understand, for
some of you that are reading this blog, medications have been a life line for
you.  I am not saying I am more spiritual that you or judging you in
anyway.  I am walking in obedience to the Great Physician in this area.
It is how I have lived my entire life, seeking His direction for my body,
soul and spirit.  It is why I begin each
day with time in the Word and prayer.  I
am a reluctant exerciser, but I’m doing it. 
I don’t always eat as I should, but I’m getting better at those
choices.  I pray, for myself and my
family that I’m moving toward wellness in all areas.


That scripture in
second Corinthians reminds us that we ourselves are fragile clay jars and as
such are subject to cracks, weaknesses and blemishes. Our bodies do change as
we age.   It is amazing that He had
placed such a great treasure within such broken vessels!  If we look at
things in a right perspective we can rejoice and see His great power shining
through us is definitely not coming from ourselves!  My brethren, please,
once again turn your eyes upon Jesus.  He will bring you through EVERY
hard place.  


I received calls and
emails this week from people that are in quite difficult situations.
Because I have walked through some difficult situations, I can encourage
them to keep on trusting the Lord.  I am wonderfully amazed at how
confident I am at His faithfulness, even though during my trials, I went
through them shaky!   James exhorts us to "count it all joy when we
walk through diverse trials" or as the New Living Translation says "when
troubles come your way, consider it an opportunity for great joy".
It may take some time of walking with Him through these trials and
tribulations before you can see the joy part, but trust me it is there.
It will come.  The sooner we look for it, the sooner we will
experience the joy of our salvation in the midst of them.   I encourage
you to ask the Holy Spirit to show you where you may be experience areas of “unwellness”.  Be honest in the asking and obey His
direction and you will move more and more to wellness!


Post Script:  At the end of the appointment, he asked me
which church I attend.  He wanted to know
if it was the one with the great coffee bar. 
I had to say, no, we just have water. 
He is a believer!