Two Days of My Life

The following paragraphs were written early
Tuesday morning.  I had no idea what I would experience!

 I will be headed shortly to Island County
Superior Court to be part of group 6 in the jury selection process.  Last night as I was praying I realized that
someone's life is about to change for the better or the worse.  At this
point I do not know what the case is about, nor who the two parties are that
need 12 unbiased, wise, discerning people to help determine their fate. 

I am, at this point,
not even sure the difference between Superior Court and District Court.  I
only know the responsibility of being part of this process settled a little
heavier on my shoulders as I prayed for this case.


A few months ago I
received this notice, a summons to be part of this jury on this date.  I
also know that our newest grandson was due to on October 5.  Well, Lord
that is cutting it close, but if he is here by then, then we will make it work.
Today, October 11 we are yet to hold our Tobias in our arms. He is still
safely snuggled in his mother's womb.  She and her mother are headed to
the hospital to undergo some tests to determine if her body is still a safe
place for him to stay until he decides to begin the birthing process, or do
they need to help the process through induction.


So I have a divided
mind.  Do the unknown parties needing my wisdom and judgment deserve some
one on this jury that is wondering how things are going two hours away?
I've asked the Lord to help me to do both.  I may be sent on my
merry way quickly with the twelve chosen from the other jury groups even before
they get to me.  I don't know.  In thinking about this I realize how
often we make quick judgements of ourselves, our situations or others because
we have divided minds.  I've been distracted, thinking about how this jury
summons has affected my life and the lives of my family, and really hadn't
thought much about the trial and people involved itself.   Most people
I've talked to said, just get out of it any way you can.  So I journey
into this new arena with many unknowns, except I've asked the Lord to order my
steps and use me for His purpose through this event.  Last night however,
the Lord told me your life will be inconvenienced for a few days.  A person’s
life will be effected for the rest of their life.


It is now Thursday.
A lot has happened.  After two days of jury selection, I was not
selected.  For this I am very grateful.  We were first told that the case is expected
to last three weeks.  That knowledge set
our heads a spinning.  We were then given
a questionnaire concerning the case and we discovered that this was a civil
case.  The man in question had already
been convicted of a crime.  He was
finishing his sentence and the State of Washington wanted to civilly commit him
to a facility for the rest of his life. 
He is a younger man, probably in his thirties.  When the Holy
Spirit told me that a person’s life would be affected it  now seemed like an understatement .  The
burden of proof will lie with the State of Washington to prove that the
respondent needs to be housed for the rest of his life for the safety of our
citizens.    We only were told enough to know that those actions were
horrendous.  I was asked my opinion.  I stood and shared how the Lord
shifted the situation away from me and my focus, to the case and how I did not
know the reality of how this man's life was in the balance.  I also shared
I knew people could change, but that I had also counseled and prayed for many
women who had suffered from the abuse this man had committed because of our
ministry.  I also stated that I was glad
the state had a way to protect its citizens from people who may not be aware of
their own deficiencies.   The twelve
jurors who were selected are in for a difficult journey.  I was surprised
by some of those selected.  I left there drained, exhausted but feeling I
had accomplished my purpose.  Several prospective jurors thanked me for
what I shared.  


Tuesday afternoon my
daughter in law was induced due to rising blood pressure.   Tobias Jay
Rodman was born at 1:52 a.m. Wednesday morning. 
Out of nine grandchildren, this was the first one I hadn’t been at the hospital
to welcome their arrival.  Those of us
who were not selected were dismissed about 3:00 p.m.  I immediately headed to the hospital about
two hours away.  Wednesday afternoon
around five I got to hold him in my arms.  I couldn't help wonder what
journey this man had walked to cause him to sin so violently against others.
I prayed for Tobias Jay Rodman that his life would add meaning rather
than hurt to others as he grows into a man.


I am so utterly
grateful for meeting Jesus as Savior when I was young.  I am so grateful
for His forgiveness, grace and mercy.  It is my prayer for that young man
who awaits his future that he too will meet up with this sweet Jesus who can
take this ugly part of his life and make it into something good.  I
continue to pray for the selected jurors.  They will definitely need
wisdom on high to make this judgement.



Next Monday night, I
will call the juror number one more time to see if I get to start this process
all over again!  I’m praying for God’s
direction and once again His purpose to be fulfilled in my life one day at a
time.  The steps of a good man are ordered
by the Lord.  May He continue to order
each of our steps.