Respect and Trust

a time we live in.  Here in the US we are just a few days away from our
presidential election.  There is much turmoil and angst as people debate
the outcome.   At this point the
polls are saying that Hillary Clinton is leading, but the fact is the only one
who knows the future is our amazing God.  I have voted.  I made a
decision sort of based on the difference between what we do know and what we
don't know.  I choose to trust Him no matter who gets in.


The scriptures clearly
tell us that we are to pray for our leaders with honor and support.  I
think that will be our next challenge.  Our culture in many ways has
forgotten the character trait of respect.  Respect is defined as a feeling
of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities,
qualities or achievements.   With all the mudslinging that is going on, I
believe it will take great character and deliberate choice to accept who ever
becomes our next president.  Minimally we will need to look at the office
and honor what our nation has accomplished.  Will we complain, murmur and
grow fearful?  Or will we dig a little deeper into our trust of our God?
It is up to us.  I Peter 2:17 Respect
everyone, and love your Christian brothers and sisters.  Fear God and
respect the king
.  Romans 13:7  Give to everyone what you owe them: Pay your taxes and government fees
to those who collect hem, and give respect and honor to those who are in


Do I really need to
honor and respect those in authority?  I was wondering about these
"smaller" seemingly less important does it matter if we do them type
scriptures.  Will this make a difference? To me or our nation?  From
their actions, it seems many people ignore them.  I felt the Holy Spirit
convict me that I must be prepared to prayerfully support our next leader.
This is my duty as a believing member of our nation.  So I've
started praying for them already.  I have to pray in faith, not fear.
I have to pray that God's Spirit will work through them and release them
to His purpose.  This is not easy because of all that I've heard about
both candidates. But it is my goal.  

We must remember that whoever
is elected our president, God desires them to come to know Him personally.
Their salvation is not in their career, but through the blood of Jesus
Christ, just as ours is.  As we pray for their souls, we must trust that
God is moving in them.  It will be their choice to respond to him or not,
but as God worked through Pharaoh, he can work through our president.  If
they harden their heart then of course they, and we, must bear the consequences.
However, let us continue to look higher than this office to the God who
is in charge of our future.  His promises are true to us individually, and
as we band together to walk in his instruction to pray we must have faith that
He is answering.


Let us model respect
in our attitude, actions and expectations.  Learning to trust Him with
these complex things is part of growing in maturity in His ways.  We must
teach our children respect for the laws of the land, and our leaders.  It
is difficult, I know. If we are disrespectful in our hearts it affects our
emotion.  It doesn’t mean we can’t
disagree, but we must do it respectfully. 
No matter what the outcome is November 8, this new president will be
facing difficulty unifying our people. 
We can lead by example.  Let’s
pray for our leaders, now and set our hearts to pray for our next president, no
matter who wins or who loses.