Two Voices, Two Choices

Over the past few
days I have heard Satan’s voice nattering in my ear, "why bother praying
about that situation, why keep praying for that person, it is obvious it isn't
changing.  They won't ever be different.  It is just what it is and
you have to accept it".  As I began to sort it out and truly
recognize these lies and their source, the warrior in me arose.  


No, no no.  I will
not stop praying and believing.  I will not stop trusting my God to come
and intervene.  It would have been quite easy to quit and surrender to the
lie.  It is harder (in some ways) to choose to stand strong in the midst
of all the outward evidence and have that become my truth.  As I read my
devotions today, God in HIs amazing timing had me read Jeremiah 31:27 I am the Lord, the God of all the peoples of
the world.  Is there anything too hard for me?  
Matthew 19: 26 Jesus looked at them intently and said, humanly
speaking, it is impossible.  But with God everything is possible

Most of us are clearly
aware we have two voices that we can listen to and obey, each of these voices
lead us to two choices.  One leads us to faith and victory, the other to
fear and defeat.  


Surrendering to fear and
defeat may seem like an easier choice.  We just bow down to the struggles
and let them win. The emotions that usually come with the "why
bother" thoughts are strong and can be convincing.  But they do not
lead to life.  They lead to even more depression and discouragement.
Those watching us may give up on their situation as well.


My dear friends do not
surrender to those thoughts.  Rise up and gird yourself with God's truth.
Stand up and begin to proclaim His Word against those circumstances.
Now that the warfare for Darryl's fight is over, I have thought a lot
about the outcome.  We saw amazing victories and thanks to Facebook and
its remembrance for me, I get reminded of them often!  I read my
declarations and at times the "why did you bother" tape can begin to
play.  When that happens I have to quickly make a choice, the quicker I
choose to trust, the quicker that voice is silenced.  It was a battle.
It was not fun.  So for all the difficulties and prayer declarations
was it worth it?  Yes it was.  We
did not get the outcome we wanted (total healing and a restoration of my life
back to "normal").  However, we saw and experienced so many
miracles.  I learned so much about God's grace and mercy.  I know I
would do it all over again with even more grace and faith.  


We know that people are
changed as they experience war.  It is true with spiritual battles.
God's plan is that we come through stronger, wiser and equipped to be
used by Him even more.  Yes there may be some PTSD that we need healing
from, but He's good at helping us through that as well.  


The only good surrender
is surrendering to His plan.  As soldiers in the battle, we must listen to
our general, the Holy Spirit.  Keep fighting until He says no.  Keep
interceding until He says no more.  Keep trusting His plan and His ways.
Remember, even in the fight God is working in an through your life for
good.  Remember "my sheep hear my voice", trust that voice to
lead you to victory.