Faith when you are sick

past week, I will admit it: I've been sick, yucky sick--full blown Kleenex box
emptying sneezing, coughing, achy, stuffed up nose and horrible sore throat
sick.  Not fun.  I thought it was a sinus infection and I would just
have to "pray and wait it out". (Sounds like a lot of faith released,
doesn’t it?)  Monday morning I felt stronger, still a few symptoms,
but I accomplished many things.  I was on the mend!  Praise the Lord.
Then, while I was at the grocery store, I felt I had crossed some energy
boundary, and knew I needed to head home.  Its ok, I just over did it.
I'll go home and rest for a bit and I will be back at it.  


  Well, that rest
lasted all afternoon and into the evening.  I woke up Tuesday feeling
worse than I had the entire time. So I drove myself to my doctor’s office which
also houses a walk in clinic.  To my surprise, I was diagnosed with strep
throat.  Not what I expected.  I was
feeling so awful at that time I asked my daughter in law, Becca to see if she
could pick up the prescription for me, as I drove home and crawled back into
bed.  She also brought me some chicken
soup and other goodies.


My doctor said, "Take
these pills, eat chicken soup and drink lots of water and rest".  OK
then.  Things are going to get better.  Becca brought me some chicken
soup.  I set up my water cups by my bed expecting to feel better shortly.


Twenty-four hours
later, hmm still got the sore throat, coughing and sneezing maybe down by 25%.
Hey I was supposed to be feeling better.  Turned on some praise and
worship music and realized I comprehended what I was reading--this is progress.
Not what I expected, but progress.


Realized my throat was
only sore on one side!  Again more progress.  By wise Life Group
ladies suggested we cancel group that evening.  I wanted to push through,
but realized I just didn't have the stamina to do the set up for the group,
must less lead.  


So it is day three of
antibiotics.  Throat still hurts some, nose still full but feeling
stronger.  My expectation was with prayer.  I would be fully functional by now, adding the
meds to it, of course I should be bounding tall buildings.  Becca, the wise and patient family nurse,
came by this morning.  She shared that some people do not respond quickly
as others to the antibiotics.  Some people have pain clear through to the
end of the regimen.  In some perverse way, it was comforting.  Trust
the prayer, trust the meds, trust the water, and trust the resting.  This is not my lot in life.


In my daily reading
cycle guess where I am reading?  Right, JOB!  Reading about Job's life
caused me to put my own slight "affliction' into perspective.  No
matter how you theologically interpret Job's difficulties, you have to admit it
would not be fun living his life.  Losing his flocks, his herds and of
course his children in one fell swoop can only be classified as devastation.
Then to have his body afflicted with oozing painful boils can only have
made his grieving and mourning even more pronounced.  Those kinds of
losses take a toll on our souls.


During this down time
all kinds of thoughts have tried to stream across my mind.  I don't need
Job's friends to question me, I do it myself!  However, this time I have,
for the most part, been at peace.   I know I will get better.  I have
asked myself questions like "why did you get this again?"  For
Dr. Duncan told me it was a secondary infection from the flu.  Yes, I got
it again--even with a flu shot.  It was a bit comforting to know he had
the flu the week before!  I have had my Plexus friend’s words rolling
around in my head--"you should be taking...."  I admit I have
slacked on taking my vitamins and supplements and know that I do better on them.
I have determined to wash my hands after being away from home when I come
home, something I don't often do.


While I examine my
body's feelings--I learned to look for what is becoming right. I want the pray
now, sickness gone immediately with outward manifestation kind of faith which
didn’t happen this time.   I had
expectations that my faith in God's healing and the power of the antibiotics
would circumvent the need for my body to rest and recover.  I've chosen to
rest in peace not frustration.  I am better and stronger today or I would
not be able to write this.


My friend, where may
you need to change your expectations?  God is still healing my body.
He is still on His throne answering prayer.  Can I see that?
No, but that is what faith is.  The evidence will come.  Job's
life was restored.  We don't know how long he suffered, but his life had a
good ending and so will ours.  God had a
plan for Job.  He has a plan for me, and
He has a plan for you.