Faith and The Why ME Temptations

For you know that when
your faith is tested, your endurance has a chance to grow.  James 1: 3

We all have a body, a
soul and a spirit.  All of us deal with tests and battles in our soul.
If we can learn to identify some of the more common ones, we will walk
with more victories and freedom.  One of Satan's tricky, but predicable
tactics is some form of "why me's?"  Why do I have to deal with
this (fill in the blank for your own "this").  We all have them.
Some can be the biggies of life: unexpected death of a loved one, or diagnosis
of chronic illness, or failed relationships.   These major life challenges
are difficult enough to process.  As we look around and see others with
out our difficulties, we can fall into self-pity and complaining.  The
"why me" syndrome arises and can take us down to the pits of despair.
Sometimes these are so big, that we desperately need the Lord's help, so
we can circumvent the why me's, and rush to Help Me Lord!


However, Satan's goal
is to work with our mind and emotions to get our eyes off our God, and on to
ourselves.  If he can't get us during the "biggies" then he will
try the "smallies".  Things like a broken shoelace, lost keys,
or misplaced cell phone can cause us to feel like the universe is against us and
that old familiar "why me" syndrome can rear its whisper.
Grumbles and mumbles suck our faith and joy, taking the place of
gratitude and thankfulness   Thought by thought our faith wanes and
unbelief, fear and discouragement try to take the reins, leading us away from
God's hope and blessing.  I believe we are all susceptible in one way or
another to this warfare tactic.


Why?  Because it
works!  One of the ways the why me assault works is by causing us to
compare ourselves to others.  The "they" versus "us"
ploy comes into play.  Why do they get a new car, a great vacation, or
promotion?  In most cases it causes us to feel like we get the shorter end
of the stick than others.  The "theys" are perceived to receive
the better blessing, more honor, or protection against the difficult trials of


I see these thoughts
kind of like mosquitos flying around our mind.  If we capture them before
we get bit, then we won't be dealing with the fallout of the itchiness.
These itches detract us from what we are supposed to be thinking about like
the yeses and blessings we have received.   It takes discipline and
spiritual sensitivity to follow 2 Corinthians 10:5 instruction to take
every thought captive to obey Christ.  
As soon as you recognize these
anti-faith thoughts, cast them down replacing them with God's Word or if you
can’t think of an appropriate scripture at the time, then begin to remind
yourself that you have a loving heavenly Father.  He cares for you.   


Sometimes these
attacks do not have anything to with others. Instead the whys cause us to
doubt God's power, presence and goodness in our life.  Why did cancer hit
our family?  Why do I have to raise a child with disabilities?  Why
was I born into such a dysfunctional family?  These are times when
deliberately reminding yourself of God's character and faithfulness comes into
play.  As the Lord is your shepherd, trust him to lead you back to the
still waters and quiet resting places.  He will restore your soul from any
warfare damage as you walk with him.  


One of the scriptures
that helped me walk through the initial stages of grief may seem like a strange
one.  Matthew 5: 44-45 But I say to you, Love your enemies
and pray for those who persecute you, so that you may be sons of your Father
who is in heaven.  For he makes the sun rise on the evil and on the good
and sends rain on the just and on the unjust.

The rain falling on
the just and the unjust meant to me during that time, that why not me.
Why shouldn't I suffer as other have suffered.   I began to pray, Father, please get
every good you can from these difficult circumstances.  Teach me, lead me,
and guide me through these rough waters.  Your Word tells me when I walk through
the waters or through the fire
 you will be with me.  I truly
believe if we capture the "why me" thoughts God will teach us His
ways and we will discover His purpose in both the biggies and the smallies of
life.  Let's keep on trusting him and not allow the "why me"
temptations to steal our joy or blessings. 
Sometimes the very things that we would want to ask “why me, Lord?”
about, are the very things He has planned to use for His glory in our
future.  It all comes down to trusting
Him, we can do this!