Faith And My Bathroom Saga

and my Bathroom Saga


end of December God began to speak to me that 2017 was to be a year of faith
not fear.  As I began to pray and explore areas in my life where I have
struggled with fear, He has gracefully showed up and challenged me to consider
what faith would look like in those areas instead of fear.  It has been
challenging, not only to look at the areas where fear has had even the tiniest
foothold, but to seek to apply His Word to those areas.


I am glad the Holy
Spirit is tenacious in His working with us.  God cares about all the areas
that concern us, even those we might try to ignore or deny we might have a
problem.  A couple of weeks ago I had to finally admit that some of the
tiles in my bathroom surround were squishy.  I live in a home built in
1969, designed my mother.  She loved pink and blue.  I have a pink
bathtub, pink sink and pink toilet with that sort of aqua blue tile surrounding
the tub and sink.  So changing one part will definitely affect the rest. I
am not attached to the current color scheme by any means, but there are a lot
of memories involved.


 I will admit
that I have been concerned about these for a while, but chose to ignore the
problem, wanting it to just disappear.  When my son came over I showed him
and he agreed it had a problem.  So I asked him, "Could I just use
the guest shower and let it dry for a while?"  He said, no mom, it
doesn't work like that".  It has to be fixed, but I don't know how to
do that type of repair.  I didn’t like that answer, so I called my friend
Bill, who had just done a remodel on his bathroom in Florida.  "Bill,
could I just use the guest shower and let this one dry out.  No, Martha,
it doesn't work that way."  It wasn't that I did not believe, Andrew,
but I was just trying to get out of the problem.  Fear promotes procrastination
and excuses!


I decided to figure
out where fear was controlling me in this situation, so I wrote down what I
call “my fear points”.


  My fear points
in analyzing my bathroom problem.


I don't know how to
fix it.  It is out of my control, when things are out of my area of
expertise, I get nervous and fearful because it causes me to have to trust


It is going to cost
money (fear: don't know how much). 


Is there something
worse going on behind the wall since I have tried to ignore the problem?


Fear of the unknown
arises.  All the choices I have to make:
color, tile shape, etc.  Fear of making the wrong choice also looms ahead.


 I began to turn my fear points into prayer
points.  It is always helpful to analyze
your fear points.  Breaking them down
into exactly what causes anxiety helps you deal with each one in turn.  Turning my fear points into prayer points has
already brought some solutions! 


I remembered how fun
it was to pick the colors and flooring for my bedroom make-over, and excitement
started to rise instead of fear.  Faith
is taking over and fear is receding.


The Lord told Joshua
when entering the Promised Land, Fear Not.  I am choosing to see this as a
promised land of a new, safe no mold and beautiful bathroom that will enhance
the value of my home.  God has already been working to help me with some
of my fear points.  My friend Bill Hinckley has offered to come and re-do
my bathroom!  I believe that God is going
to do more in and through him than just my bathroom as he makes this trip. I
trust him; we have been friends for over thirty years.  We are scheduling
some of the re-do around Andrews days off, so he can both learn and help with
the process.  Tim Haslet has agreed to help us with any truck needs!
The BIG Problem I have been hiding from is already shrinking. Rosanna has
already agreed to spy out the land for any items we may need, and she gets
amazing prices! 


How about you?
Do you have any areas you have been hiding from due to fear?  This
happens to be a physical problem, but it does affect my spirit and emotions.
Every area of fear and stress affects us physically.  Dr. Caroline
Leaf in her book, Who Switched off My Brain noted fear" triggers
more than 1400 known physical and chemical responses, and activates more than
thirty different hormones and neurotransmitters" and that fear is at the
root of all stress.  Doesn't sound too healthy does it?  Let Him
uncover any hidden fears you may have so that you can walk in His freedom.
I've coined a term to help me face my fears, and it is Courage UP!
I "couraged" up and faced my fears about my bathroom issues.!  How about you?  Any areas you need to FEAR NOT and take your
Promised  Land?