Faith and our giants

the book of Numbers we see the children of Israel given an opportunity to
confront their fears.  God instructed Moses to send twelve spies into the
Promised Land to check it out.  They returned with a mixed report.
The land was awesome, food plentiful and abundant.  However, there
were giants in the land.  It made the people feel small and inadequate,
they felt unable to go in and take the land God had promised them. Ten of the
spies said, no we can't do it.  Two of the men said, with God's help yes
we can.  God said, ok.  You don't trust me, then go wander around in
the desert for forty years.


Jump ahead to
Deuteronomy 1.  Their forty years of wandering is about to come to an end.
Moses goes over their story, rehearsing God's faithfulness and bringing
up some mistakes the Israelites made during the journey.  Describing the
situation with the spies, he says:  Our brothers have demoralized us
with their report.  They tell us, the people of the land are taller and
more powerful than we are, and their towns are large, with walls rising high
into the sky!  We even saw giants there--the descendants of Anak!

Several thoughts ran
through my mind as I read that section.  Lord, please don't let me share
demoralizing thoughts with others.  Help me speak words of faith.  I
realized once again these men were looking with the eyes of fear not faith.  How
quickly that can happen.  


We each face our own
"giants":  Financial giants, Health giants, Career Giants,
Relational Giants, Parental Giants, and Emotional Giants.  I realized that
the more I look at my giants they loom larger and more fierce.  They seem
to grow before my eyes.   Each of these life challenges are just that,
life challenges.  I had to face an aspect of the Financial Giant this
week.  I will admit, it loomed large and in charge in my face.  It
came with much emotion and history.  I have faced this giant before, but I
am determined to overcome it this time.


As I
Deuteronomy, God began to shrink that giant and replace it with faith.  But
I said to you; don’t be shocked or afraid of them.  The Lord your God is
going ahead of you.  He will fight for you just as you saw him do in


[My thoughts here].  I felt God was
reminding me that I don't have to be shocked or afraid any giant I may face.
God knew those "giants" were going to be there for those spies
to see.  He also had a plan for them to conquer them.  They did not
turn to Him to ask Him His plan, they let fear overtake them, and said, “we can’t”.


Moses said, the
Lord YOUR God is going ahead of you.  
When I remember He is the Lord
MY God and He has gone ahead of me in every difficulty, peace returns and the
giants begin to shrink down to manageable size.   

He will fight for you
just as you saw him do in Egypt.  
They all had experienced many miracles in their journey.
They had walked through the Red Sea on dry land.  They forgotten
what He had done for them when they saw the giants.  One of the purposes
of communion is to take time to remember what our God has already done for us,
and what His covenant with us means.  I may be small in my own eyes, but
with our God I am able to go and take on every giant that comes my way!

He goes on to say: And
you saw how the Lord cared for you all along the way as you traveled through
the wilderness, just as a father cares for his child  Now He has brought
you to this place.  
Reminder, He cares for me and you.  He is a
father to us and we are His children.  The giants we face are opportunities
to learn from our Father about His care and the authority He has given us.

The next part is
difficult to read.  But even after all he did, you refused to trust the
Lord your God.  
I stopped reading there and realized they had a
choice, to trust Him and move forward or grow paralyzed with their fear and
miss out on His promises.  I am presented with the same choice.  Will
I choose to trust Him, no matter what giants I am facing?  Or will I
retreat to just my own wimpy strength and abilities.  If I see Him as a
caring Father who loves me, has shown His faithfulness in the past it is much
easier to press ahead.  It may not be the easy road I would like, but I
will get through it. I will become the conqueror He has made me to be.  We
are not called to cower before our challenges, but to seek Him and His way
through them.  He has made us more than conquerors through our dear Christ
Jesus, who loves us.  

Not only do I gain the
confidence for myself, but His story through me will encourage others to
conquer their giants as well.  So like our brothers Caleb and Joshua, let
us rise up and take our land with faith in our awesome powerful God.


Ultimately, I believe
God would love it if we changed our view of any giant that comes our way, to
see them as simply life challenges which are able to be handled with His
strength.  I am working on that part of
my journey!