Fear to Faith Wins!

You have "couraged-up", released your faith and are beginning
to watch God answer your heart cries.  You begin to see changes in
yourself, your situation or others that makes your heart leap for joy.
This is a great thing.  You have more testimonies to share with
others, praise flows from your lips and God feels so close.  At least that
is what is happening in my fear to faith journey!


Last week our church
held its monthly worship/prayer gathering.  After a session of worship,
Pastor Michael asked if anyone had a brief testimony they wanted to share.
It was such an encouraging time to hear how God is touching lives in so
many different areas.  Healings, 60 days of sobriety, emotional support of
walking through some dark seasons, even God supplying a swim shirt for a young
man were shared with such joy and delight.  Then Pastor Michael asked all
the people who shared their stories to make themselves available to pray for
anyone who had their same need.  It was a powerful encouraging time for all
who attended.  How we all needed to celebrate our wins.


This faith walk must
lead to victories.  They may not be in
our timing, or done in our way, but our God desires to answer our prayers and
show us His power and care.  This may sound strange, but we need to release
our faith and expect Him to show up.  Philippians 1:6 declares that He
that has begun a good work in you will complete it.   
Some of
that good work will be finished when Jesus comes, but some will be done while
we are still here on earth.  

A few blogs ago I
shared my need to "courage up" and face the fact my bathroom needs
some work.  I could no longer ignore the squishy tiles by the faucet on
the tub and try to deny the fact the mold or other damage that is going on
behind that wall.  As I sought the Lord for His solution, my friend Bill
came to my mind.  He lives in Florida, I live in Washington State.
The Lord put it on Bill's heart to come and fix my problem.  This is
so humbling for me, but such a huge answer to prayer.  The fact God is
sending a skilled worker to solve my problem is only part of my need.  I
continued to pray for the finances and materials needed to do the overhaul.
Unexpectedly, I am receiving more of a tax refund this year from our
government that will help with much of the remodel!

The table leg on my 60
year old table broke.  My friend who is skilled in fixing such things,
said, "Have you considered replacing this table?"  Uh, no.
It was a new thought to me.  Because my family has grown I wanted a
table to accommodate us.  Tables with center supports or pillars work best
to fit people around the corners, and I found one at our local Habitat for
Humanity store!  It is solid, though not perfect, works well.  Last
night we had 10 ladies stuffing Easter Eggs for our church Easter egg hunt
around that table!


I am sharing these
stories because God's word says we overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the
word of our testimony.  Sharing God stories with each other strengthen
each of us.  Our daughter and husband put their rental house on the market
and received a full price offer within six hours.  Our son in law is
showing his paintings in two different exhibits this month (none by his
initiation!)  These are things we have been praying for His timing and
favor for a while now.  (Now we are praying that people will buy his
beautiful art!)  


Faith is the
confidence that what we hope for will actually happen, it gives us the
assurance about things we cannot see. Hebrews 11:1
  Are you confident that what you are
hoping for will actually happen?  Remember our confidence grows through
declaring what He says about our situations, not through our feelings.
When I stopped being afraid of the bathroom issues and turning to Him for
the solutions the problem began to shrink in my eyes and God began to get
bigger.  There is still quite a journey of choices ahead for that project,
but I am confident that we will get it done and paid for!

For some of you, you
may think I am a weak, wimpy woman.  What is the big deal?  My
husband, besides being an awesome preacher/teacher was an amazing handyman.
He would have had the problem fixed by now.  But he is walking in
heaven with Jesus and I admit I am learning how to solve such problems as a single,
unhandy woman who has a God who promises to be the husband of widows!   He
is proving himself to be faithful in this role, as I choose to seek His
solutions. This is my story, what is your faith story?