Checked your joy level recently?

Last week I talked
about faith through surrender--not always an easy task.  As we surrender,
by faith, to His will we can do it grudgingly or joyfully.  Our choice is
to dutifully go about our tasks because we know it’s the ''right thing to
do", or serving with joy?  I would love to say I always serve with
joy, but alas it is not true.  We are often surrounded by "joy

Faith To Surrender

Early Sunday morning as I was driving to our Easter service, I was thinking about the
faith it takes to surrender to the Lord and His will for our lives.  I
realized we would not be celebrating Easter if Jesus had not surrendered to His
Father's will of the death on the cross. 

Fear to Faith Wins!

You have "couraged-up", released your faith and are beginning
to watch God answer your heart cries.  You begin to see changes in
yourself, your situation or others that makes your heart leap for joy.
This is a great thing.  You have more testimonies to share with
others, praise flows from your lips and God feels so close.  At least that

Faith and our giants

the book of Numbers we see the children of Israel given an opportunity to
confront their fears.  God instructed Moses to send twelve spies into the
Promised Land to check it out.  They returned with a mixed report.
The land was awesome, food plentiful and abundant.  However, there
were giants in the land.  It made the people feel small and inadequate,

Faith And My Bathroom Saga

and my Bathroom Saga


Faith When You are "Feeling" Small

While Jesus was in the
Temple, he watched the rich people dropping their ifs in the collection box.
Then a poor widow came by and dropped in two small coins.  I tell
you the truth, Jesus said, this poor widow has given more than all the rest of
them.  For they have given a tiny part of their surplus, but she, poor as

Building Faith Through His Creation

almost a year I have been privileged to teach two of my grandchildren
astronomy.  It has been a most fascinating and amazing faith building

Faith and The Why ME Temptations

For you know that when
your faith is tested, your endurance has a chance to grow.  James 1: 3

Faith Increased by Others

thankful I am for the testimonies of others, those  we read about in the
Word, those who have gone before and those we are sharing the earth currently
bring hope, encouragement and cause faith to increase in my heart. Faith comes
by hearing, and hearing by the word of Christ.  Romans 10:17 Hearing

Faith for an Unexpected Encounter

steps often lead us to unexpected encounters.  In the process of
crocheting a baby blanket for my nieces baby boy I encountered a problem.
I am using a variegated yarn (multiple colors in one skein) and instead
of it continuing a random pattern it began to form columns looking like I had
sewed a completely different blanket together!  Not a look I was going

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