Faith when Overwhelmed

Phone calls, text messages, Facebook
posts, emails and even cards and letters can bring good news or more
challenging news.  Sometimes the bad news
seems to roll in like a flood.  How do we
walk in faith when we feel overwhelmed?


Faith and Talents!

week my devotional journey brought me to Jesus story about the parable of the
talents.  This is one of those stories Jesus told that should bring
caution and some amount of circumspection into our lives, not fear or nervous
anxiety or cocky arrogance. I think over the years I have read this parable
with more fear than faith, worrying that I would be more like the one bag
man.  Reading through it this week, I

Faith when you are sick

past week, I will admit it: I've been sick, yucky sick--full blown Kleenex box
emptying sneezing, coughing, achy, stuffed up nose and horrible sore throat
sick.  Not fun.  I thought it was a sinus infection and I would just
have to "pray and wait it out". (Sounds like a lot of faith released,
doesn’t it?)  Monday morning I felt stronger, still a few symptoms,

Don't Do It Alone!

were not meant to walk this Christian walk alone!    At times, I think I've felt, just
"me and you Jesus, we can do this", and if we have to we will. This
kind of thought sounded spiritual to me, but it was actually stinky pride
talking.   But living a little longer,
I've come to a different realization.  We were created to need each other

Faith Walking through Challenging times

Some days are just made for steady walking.  No great
outward progress, but just a determination to walk in faith with what you know
is true, right and just.  This is especially true when you are praying
for, waiting for--even longing for some outward change.  It is sometimes
difficult to "keep the faith" during the silent times.  

They asked! They Received!

is your year of faith going?   I have been continually challenged and
encouraged to pursue this faith journey this week.  I am determined and
bring the tyranny of fear to an end in my life.  God's Word admonishes,
encourages us and instructs to walk by faith not by sight.  If it is in
His Word, we can trust we can do it!

Year of Faith NOT Fear 2017

week or so ago I heard the Lord speak to me and He said, 2017 is going to be a
year of Faith, not fear.  My
first reaction was yay!!  I was excited to see what He was going to be
doing in this coming year.  Then I began to really think about what He was
saying and I knew that He was encouraging me to know that no matter what 2017

The Word!

2016 is
coming to a close with 2017 right upon us. Here in the United States many times
people make "resolutions",   a firm decision to do or not to do
something.  I am not sure how well they work.  What I do know is that
God has given each of us the ability to make choices.  

Never Forget!

years ago I was going through a real rough patch.  I was sitting on my
bed, crying out to Jesus.  It had been a long time since I had had that
type of heart cry.  I was feeling stuck in myself with a seeming inability
to move out of that stuck place.  It was affecting how I felt about myself
and my relationships and my future.  It was if I needed someone to come
and say, "Have you met my Jesus?"  I knew I was forgiven.

Do not cast away your confidence

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