Stop Naval-gazing!

A week
or two ago I was mulling over some issues that are affecting my family and my
life.  These aren't really big issues in some ways, but definitely are
areas where we need to grow and change.  As I was discussing this with the
Lord, (i.e. praying) I felt I came to a peaceful perspective with His hope and
joy.  I had put to use my own advice in the two voices, two choices blog
entry of two weeks ago!  Then I must have gone wrong.  I re-visited

Tenderhearted Thankfulness

This past week, during my devotional time, I came across I
Peter 3:8b.  Be tenderhearted, and keep a humble attitude.  I have been meditating on that simple phrase,
be tenderhearted off and on since
then.  What does that mean?  What does it practically look like in my day
to day life?  It is not a word that we
often use today.  It means to be easily
moved to love, pity or sorrow it is a synonym of a more common word, compassion.  These are traits we love to experience in
others—but at times we can find them difficult to implement ourselves!

Two Voices, Two Choices

Over the past few
days I have heard Satan’s voice nattering in my ear, "why bother praying
about that situation, why keep praying for that person, it is obvious it isn't
changing.  They won't ever be different.  It is just what it is and
you have to accept it".  As I began to sort it out and truly
recognize these lies and their source, the warrior in me arose.  

Floodlights and Spotlights

Respect and Trust

a time we live in.  Here in the US we are just a few days away from our
presidential election.  There is much turmoil and angst as people debate
the outcome.   At this point the
polls are saying that Hillary Clinton is leading, but the fact is the only one
who knows the future is our amazing God.  I have voted.  I made a
decision sort of based on the difference between what we do know and what we

Light Road vs Dark Road

Last night during
our Life Group meeting, I felt the Lord leading to ask the question:  Can
you remember a time when you were faced with a situation that forced a choice?  Will I become bitter over this situation or
will I become better?

Soul Health


Two Days of My Life

The following paragraphs were written early
Tuesday morning.  I had no idea what I would experience!

God's Classes

There are many "classes" that are offered in the
school of life.  As a believer, I choose
to trust that every part of my life can yield good fruit if I follow the
teacher!  Learning to make choices:
school, career, friends are all part of life lessons.  I think God uses our life experiences to
teach us His ways.   In the book of
Deuteronomy, the Israelites were instructed to teach their children His

Have you ever been Grout?

summer our church put on an awesome Kids Kamp. 
I volunteered to take part.  My
official job was to be in charge of the kitchen and to provide snacks and help
with the lunch process. Praying for this outreach,   I thought about the
years I had written, led and taught in many Vacation Bible Schools.  I remember how exhausting it was. How could

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